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coachella 2015

I can not tell a lie. Finding funny tweets for Coachella was hard since about 90 percent of the tweets with a #coachella hashtag were about the fashion. The other 10 percent were about the Drake/Madonna kiss. Needless to say, the Port-a-Potty jokes reigned supreme at Coachella 2015.

Thom Green ‏@ThomSonny  Apr 18

Urban Outfitters the musical #Coachella


Erin Darling ‏@ErinADarling  Apr 14

#Coachella (n): A really expensive weekend for @instagram pictures.


Mushy ‏@mushtaqtee  Apr 14

Tupac’s hologram did better #Coachella


Mara Parker ‏@marpar1  Apr 14

When I’m 50 I want to dress up, go to #Coachella and act like a cougar, desperately running from old age. Oh wait, that’s #Madonna.


Jared Lee ‏@jaredleemusic  Apr 13

Survived my first time…ill never look at a Porto-potty the same. #coachella


Kevin Meyer ‏@whoiskevinmeyer  Apr 13

Covered in glitter and have black boogers. #coachella


Cecilia ‏@SchmitKit  Apr 13

Finally pooped since like wednesday #Coachella


Mark E. Ortega ‏@MarkEOrtega  Apr 13

Can we crowdfund the guy who choked Justin Bieber at #coachella‘s legal fees if Biebs presses charges? #americanhero


Jason Pinter ‏@jasonpinter  Apr 13

Debated going to #Coachella, but decided to lock myself in a Port-A-Potty and have someone roll it down a hill instead.


Jared Followill Verified account‏ @youngfollowill

If you take nasty poops in festival port-a-johns, please fight me*
*must be under 6’0/under 180lbs/with little to no fighting experience. #coachella



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