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Alabama Shakes – “Heavy Chevy”, posted with vodpod

Philly Band

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Asteroid #4 – “Wicked Wire”, posted with vodpod

Alabama Shakes: Hold On

October 26, 2011

I can't get enough of this band

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Boxer Rebellion ‘The Runner’, posted with vodpod

Who: Holiday Shores
What: Alternatuve
Where: Tallahassee FL http://www.myspace.com/holidayshores

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Holiday Shores- Bands/Artists (SXSW 2011), posted with vodpod


Who; Reptar: Graham Ulicny – guitar, vocals, samples, William Kennedy – keyboards, Ryan Engelberger – bass, Andrew McFarland – drums
What: Disco House, Funk,
Where: Athens GA http://www.myspace.com/reptarathens

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The Peelies

March 7, 2011

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The Peelies , posted with vodpod

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Twilight Sleep ‘Architect’, posted with vodpod

The Boxer Rebellion

February 21, 2011

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The Boxer Rebellion | Free Music, Tour Dates, P…, posted with vodpod


December 7, 2010

Check out this band MUSEUM’s  first single.  (from Hamburg Germany) Sound Like- Arctic Monkey’s

The Law

Check out my article for Made Manual of the top 10 unsigned indie artists


Check out the new track Yellow Sun and other great songs by Roman Holiday!

Check out their video blogs too!

Roman Holiday on MySpace

These incredibly talented Washington State natives are creating some amazing music. You don’t want to miss this ride. They’ll be touring the West Coast so check them out if they come to your town, it won’t be long until small venues are a part of their past.

Voxhaul Broadcast: Although their MySpace page says “Unsigned” I find that hard to believe. These guys are too good to be overlooked for this long. Regardless if they are signed or not I suggest you check out their rock and soul sound and you will be hooked for sure.


Daytrotter Sessions

They will be playing as SXSW so if you are going don’t miss them!

Listen here Roman Holiday

Check out their MySpace page and their video I Think It’s Her – I guarantee you will be singing that song all day after you hear it once. Love it!

As you may tell from my last two posts Roman Holiday has totally captured my interest. The band clearly has the chops to deliver powerful music. These boys definitely have that “thing” the music industry needs and I can’t help but bop to the beat and wiggle my ass to all of their music.

Somebody needs to sign Roman Holiday pronto since they only seem to be getting better and better.

Check out their newest song “I Think It’s Her” on their MySpace Page

Roman Holiday on MySpace.

Did I mention they’re cute too.

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