Perfect song for the Halloween season.

Holding onto the last days of summer

Since all the kiddos are headed back to school…

The First Day in August

August 3, 2019

a couple of days late but….

Happy 4th of July Merica

Lizzo “Juice”

April 24, 2019

BEST SONG EVER!!!!!! Rumor has it the whole album is awesome!

Tame Impala-Patience

March 30, 2019

Wow, this guy is great. What a voice.

Kelsey Lu “Due West”

February 8, 2019

Digging this song hard right now. So good!!

TLC “No Scrubs”

February 2, 2019

It’s the 20th anniversary of No Scrubs. Who doesn’t love them some TLC?

Mary Poppins Returns: Trailer

September 17, 2018

OMG! I can’t wait! Bringing my class to see this!

Fluerie “Breath”

August 27, 2018

Good God girl, let go of my soul!

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