One of the perks of becoming a huge rock star is the ability to afford some of the best real estate in the world. Most bands who make it big spend half their lives on the road. It is no wonder that when touring season is over they want a sweet pad to put their feet up and relax among the lavish decor until it’s time to start working on more music. We’ve found a few Rock Star homes that prove if you make it, life can be awesome. We’ve got some newly purchased homes, current homes and homes that could be yours for the right price.

Dave Navarro’s Hollywood loft went up for sale last year. The loft space is located on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. The price tag was just under a million dollars. The 1570 square foot space is considered modest, but for a bachelor pad surely it is enough. The loft is in the Broadway Hollywood building and has amazing views of the Hollywood sign and Capital Records, historic landmarks in Los Angeles. The loft was originally bought in 2007 on the heels of his break up with Carmen Electra. The space was decorated by interior decorator Heidi Toll. His bedroom has a custom vinyl platform bed with privacy drapes. It also has blackout curtains to accommodate the sleep all day rock star habits.

DAve navarro

Dave Navarro’s Los Angeles Apartment

Jay-Z and Beyonce are rumored to be looking at properties in New Orleans. One, in particular, is a renovated Presbyterian church turned home. The rumor mill claims the couple just purchased the 13,292 Sq. Ft home located in the Garden District of New Orleans. The home was listed for a mere $2.6 million-chump change for King J and Queen Bey.  Beyonce’s sister Solange co-owns a boutique in the French Quarter called Exodus Goods.

beys church

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s New Orleans Home

News is Miley Cyrus is now the proud owner of a horse ranch in Hidden Hills, California. The 5.5-acre ranch was bought for $4.037 million. The property also has a vineyard that produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. There is also a wine cellar. The ranch is an impressive 6500 Sq. ft home with a 1o stall barn for her yet to purchased horses. There is also seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, rustic elements, and a much desired wrap-around porch.


Miley Cyrus’ new Los Angeles horse ranch

Not every rock star goes the ostentatious route when it comes to real estate. Newly engaged, Zooey Deschanel just put her bachelorette mini-estate on the market in Hollywood. The Mommy-to-be is asking $2.195 million for the home. The estate is a 3000 Sq. Ft. house with a guest cottage in the backyard rather small in comparison to some of the lavish homes rockers are known to own. The singer purchased the home that once belonged to Mark Ruffalo for $1.69 million six years previously. The 1930’s home houses three bedrooms and three and half baths, and a chef’s kitchen with a breakfast nook.

zooey's chef kitchen

Zooey Deschanel’s chef’s kitchen

Dr. Dre’s house is undoubtedly impressive. The millionaire rocker has made some sweet change during his career with his extraordinarily successful Beats By Dre, and his highly successful career as a rapper. He recently sold his Hollywood Hills mansion. We still get to see how his lifestyle by exploring the home he once lived in. Dre bought the estate in 2012 for $15.4 million which he recently sold for $32.5 million. The six-bedroom house with nine bathrooms has an infinity pool and amazing views of Los Angeles.

dr. dre

Dr. Dre’s Los Angeles home

It took awhile, but Jon Bon Jovi was finally able to sell his Manhattan home after two years of trying and a few price drops. Don’t feel badly for the rocker though, he still walked away from the sale with $13.5m profit in his pocket. The two-floor apartment was first listed at $42 million. Bon Jovi ended up selling the Mercer St. pad for $37.5 million. He originally bought the place for $24m in 2010. The 7452 Sq. ft. The apartment has six bedrooms, a chef’s kitchen, and 11 ft. ceilings. It also has a screening room and three separate viewing decks. Bon Jovi finally sold the apartment to  Austrian-American business man Gerhard Andlinger.

jon bonjovi manhattan crib

Jon Bon Jovi’s Manhattan Loft

Festival Fashion

May 23, 2015


The ultimate festival fashion moment happened during the ultimate festival, Woodstock. It was the era of hippies and hip-huggers, bell-bottoms, fringe, sandals, and bikinis were all the rage. Everywhere you turned at the 2015 Coachella festival you saw clothing reminiscent of the 60’s. Only this time the price tags were much higher and the kids prefer the term boho chic. When attending a festival, your best bet is to go for comfort and something that is weather appropriate. Luckily, in today’s fashion world you can still be comfortable and look stylish.

It is the festival season, and some of the best and biggest such as Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Firefly and more are right around the corner. Festival fashion means big business. Style trends are often first seen at a music festival. The basic rule of festival fashion is No Rules.

Each festival has its own look especially if the festival is strictly a specific genre. If it’s Hip Hop, expect the low-riding pants and t’s, hoodies and kick ass footwear from the fella’s.The girls will be sporting high-waisted Daisy Dukes, with leggings, crop tops, trucker hats and designer sneakers. As for the electronic music genre, expect crazy colorful fashion. You may run into a Power-Puff girl or Bratz doll look-a-like at any turn. Neon, denim, bikini tops, are everywhere. There seems to be a large number of Hello Kitty! EDM fans in the world,

Some of the fashion looks hot off the grassy festival runways are fringed jackets and silk kimono’s for women. Army green is all the rage as well as gladiator sandals. Large necklaces make quite the statement piece. Everywhere you look you’ll find a variety of hair colors; pink, blue, green and the most popular as of this hour, gray. Clashing your layered look is key at festivals. Pair some edgy high tops with a fringed vest or maxi dress. Mixing it up is all the rage, but so is matchy, matchy. As mentioned previously, there are no rules when it comes to Festival Fashion.

Attending a music festival will probably be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have. Many incredible music moments have happened at music festivals and you could very well be there as a witness. Jimmy Hendrix playing the star spangled banner; The Red Hot Chili Peppers performing in socks…and that is one sock each I mean; Everything that happened at Live Aid. It’s a magical experience and the music is the first and foremost reason you should be there, so make sure you’re comfortable because all you will remember about the festival is how badly your feet hurt if you forgo comfort for style.


It’s festival time of year and a lot of festivals, especially the big-ticket ones, are three days of awesome music and fun activities. There is usually very little sleep, a lot of partying and foot pain like you have never experienced before. You’ll be standing for hours, sometimes in thick, gooey mud. Everyone is toe-to-toe and constantly pushing to get as close to the stage as possible. It is the best experience and the worst you will ever have. You must be prepared for all types of ailments like swelling, blisters, and injuries. We’ve got some great suggestions to avoid and cure your festival feet problems.

Comfort Shoes– Yeah, we get it, it’s a festival and if Coachella told us anything it’s that fashion is important. Well, have no fear because a lot of the comfort shoe companies are coming out with some kick ass styles. Your shoes should be comfortable and have good support. If you’re more the sporty type and would rather go the sneaker route, then go for it! Sneakers will most likely be your best bet. Shoes that are a big no-no would be ballet flats, flip-flops, sandals, and bare feet. These type of shoes provide no support. Open toe shoes will just set you up for a horrible injury. Stepping on broken glass or getting your feet stepped on by concert-goers may have you in the ER and totally blow your festival experience.

Keep ’em Stretched- You could find yourself standing for hours waiting for your band to come on. If you have the opportunity to sit while you wait then do so. Most concert-goers are afraid of people butting in front of them, so they will secure their spot by standing in place hours before the band goes on. If you find yourself in a marathon stand-still be sure to stretch your legs every few minutes. Also, rotate your ankles and stretch your feet. By bending each leg every few minutes, you will avoid your leg from locking due to all the tension and dehydration. Spread those toes and ball those feet, they will thank you later.

Stay hydrated- You must stay hydrated for many reasons at a festival. There will be lots of walking and standing and not to mention dancing which will have you working up a sweat. A hot summer night in a big crowd will have quite a few people either passing out or pulled from the crowd by security and taken to the medic station. Many festivals will hose down the crowd or pass around community bottles that everyone will drink from. Your best bet is to make sure you pack your bag with lots of water. To refrain from passing out, you must replenish the water in your muscles. Your legs are getting the biggest wear and tear and a dehydrated muscle will cause you to have painful leg cramps. Nothing is worse than a charlie horse in your calf while waiting for your favorite band to perform.

Proceed with Caution- The more people in close quarters the more likely an accident will occur. The festival environment is a foot injury waiting to happen. Tripping, toe stubbing, getting stepped on, not to mention blisters or even twisting an ankle can easily happen. Make sure you are watching your step and don’t walk around with your nose in your phone checking out the festival app. Stop, do what you need to do, and then move along. As for blisters and toe stubs, the closed shoe with socks is a must. Don’t forget to pack some band-aids in your bag of festival goodies.

Pamper Yourself- After the headliner does his last encore, the first thing you should do is head to your hotel room or campsite and do a little festival feet maintenance. Peel the socks and shoes off, either soak your feet in the tub with Epsom salts or pour bottled water over them at your campsite and give them a nice massage. Put on fresh bandages on the blisters and prop your feet up when you get in bed. In the morning, you should feel ready for the day ahead.

kurt cobain

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, can cause a person to have unusual mood shifts. People have ups and downs, but people with Bipolar Disorder have severe ups and downs. Bipolar Disorder can ruin relationships, careers and school performance and even lead to suicide.

The disorder causes someone to have both mania and depression. The mania part is usually apparent when the person is either highly energetic or irritable. The depressive state usually has the person stuck in bed unable to participate in daily activities. The best bet for controlling Bipolar Disorder is psychoanalysis and medication.

Many historical figures and artists have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Creativity is closely linked to the disorder. People with the disorder are highly sensitive and experience emotions very deeply. The extreme intensity of a Bipolar person is expressed creatively at times. “Bipolar disorder may carry certain advantages for creativity, especially in those who have milder symptoms,” according to Dr. Katherine Rankin Ph.D.

Here are some of the most famous musicians with Bipolar Disorder:

Adam Ant, British musician
Here is an excerpt from a February 2013 interview with Rolling Stone Magazine Ant did on the subject of his illness:

“Have you found by talking about your issues with being bipolar that its made a deeper connection with fans who appreciate your candor?”

“Yeah. I think the feedback has been extraordinary, really. I think the whole subject of bipolar disorder is in its infancy in terms of the public being aware it is an illness and not a disease, and not a kind of terminal thing where you have to feel shame. I think creative people, even going back to Winston Churchill, tend to come to it because they kind of have to make their living from abstract ideas, and it’s not like going in and doing a job. It’s actually a broad problem. I haven’t really met a family who hasn’t got a family member who hasn’t suffered from something of this nature, like bipolar disorder. And it’s been swept under the carpet. But I think there’s an obligation to express it, not only in song, which I’ve done on a couple of occasions on the album, but with the media.”

Chris Brown, Pop and R&B singer.
Chris Brown’s struggle with Bipolar Disorder diagnosis was revealed through court documents. Chris Brown was sentenced to 90 days in a treatment facility. Brown had been involved in many different incidences that reflect a Bipolar behavior in some people during a manic period.

Kurt Cobain, Musician.
As a young boy, Kurt Cobain had been diagnosed with ADD then later with Bipolar Disorder.

Cobain would not take the medication needed to control the disorder, instead he indulged in various street drugs and alcohol. The drugs he used included Heroin which he became addicted to by 1990. Cobain attempted rehab in 1992. In 1993, he suffered an overdose prior to a performance at the New Music Seminar in New York City. Courtney Love, his wife, injected him with Narcan which woke him from the overdose. He proceeded to perform without anyone knowing what had just happened.

Other artists with Bipolar include:

DMX, Rapper
Dmx has spoken openly about his illness..

Macy Gray, Musician, nd actor.

Kristin Hersh, Musician

Charley Pride, Country music artist.

Axl Rose, Singer.
Quoted as saying, “I went to a clinic, thinking it would help my moods. The only thing I did was take one 500-question test – ya know, filling in the little black dots. All of sudden I’m diagnosed manic-depressive.”

Nina Simone, Singer.

Frank Sinatra, Singer, and actor.

Britney Spears, Singer-songwriter

Dusty Springfield, English pop singer

Townes Van Zandt, singer-songwriter

Scott Weiland, musician.

Pete Wentz, musician.

Amy Winehouse, musician

Whether it be from old age or a tragic accident, it is always devastating when we lose a beloved artist. Many fans gather every year to visit Memphis Tennessee to visit the King of Rock n’ Roll’s grave site at Graceland on the anniversary of his death. The fans of the King walk up the driveway with lit candles to visit his resting place the night before the anniversary of his death. The line of mourners goes well into the early morning hours. The King is not the only gravestone you can visit to pay homage to your favorite artist. We’ve gathered the information for some of the most famous musicians where you can find their gravesites and pay your respects.


Bo Diddley

Born: Dec. 30, 1928

McComb, Mississippi

Died: Jun. 2, 2008

Archer, Florida

Buried at Rosemary Hill Cemetery

Bronson, Florida

Born Elias Bates McDaniel in McComb Mississippi in 1928 is best known as Bo Diddley. He was a legendary blues guitarist and vocalist known for hits such as “I’m a Man”, “Who Do You Love?” and “Pretty Thing”. Diddley was highly influenced by the music of blues legend John Lee Hooker. After studying the violin for years, he switched to guitar. He signed a record contract in 1955 with Checkers Records. In 1987, Diddley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He died of heart failure in 2008.


Picture Courtesy of deathzur

John Lee Hooker

Born: August 22, 1917

Clarksdale, Mississippi

Died: June, 21 2001

Los Altos, California

Buried: Chapel of the Chimes Columbarium and Mausoleum

Oakland California, USA

The prolific Blues artist, John Lee Hooker was one the most inspirational musicians of his time. Hooker recorded over 100 albums in his lifetime and some of his hits include; “Boom Boom,” “Boogie Chillen’,” and “Hoogie Boogie.” He started his career at age 14 playing at local establishments in Memphis, Cincinnati, and Detroit. “I don’t play a lot of fancy guitar,” he once told an interviewer. “The kind of guitar I want to play is mean, mean, mean licks.” John Lee Hooker died in his sleep at age 83.

bernard johnson

Courtesy of Bernard Johnson


Harry Nilsson

Born: June 15, 1941

Brooklyn, NY

Died: Jan. 15, 1994

Agoura Hills, California

Buried: Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park

Westlake Village

Los Angeles California

Singer, Songwriter.Harry Nilsson was best known for his Grammy Award-winning hit “Everybody’s Talkin” from the 1969 movie “Midnight Cowboy”. Other hits included; “One,” “Without You,” “Remember,” “Jump into the Fire,” “Coconut,” and the theme song “Best Friends,” to the hit TV show, “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”. Harry Nilsson died at his home in Agoura Hills, California after suffering a second heart attack within a two month period.

david spiceland1

Courtesy of David Spiceland


Frank Sinatra

Born: Dec. 12, 1915

Hoboken, New Jersey

Died: May 14, 1998

West Hollywood, California

Buried: Desert Memorial Park

Cathedral City, California

Best known as ‘Ol Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra was considered one of the biggest entertainers of the 20th Century. All around entertainer, Sinatra was known for his velvet voice, dancing, and acting skills. He got his break in 1935, when he received first prize in a radio contest this lead to a collaboration with bandleader Harry James. In 1941 Sinatra recorded “I’ll Never Smile Again” with the Tommy Dorsey orchestra. Frank Sinatra died of a heart attack in 1998 at the age of 83.


Courtesy of Jim Tipton

Johnny Cash

Born: Feb. 26, 1932

Kingsland, Arkansas,

Died: Sep. 12, 2003

Nashville, Tennessee

Hendersonville Memory Gardens

Hendersonville, Tennessee

One of the most beloved country singers of the 20th Century, Johnny Cash was known such songs as; “Ring of Fire,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “A Boy Named Sue,” and “I walk the Line.” “The Man in Black,” as he was known, was born in Kingsland, Arkansas in 1932. He was inducted into the Songwriters, the Country Music and the Rock and Roll Halls of Fame. Johnny Cash died from complications of Diabetes at age 71.

herb snowden

Courtesy of Herb Snowden

For regular citizens, it is easy to get rid of some of your less than flattering photographs. Just throw away or delete the ones you’d rather no one see, but for rock stars, unflattering band photography will be around forever to haunt them. Here are some of the worst band photo’s that the biggest rock stars in the world will never live down.


No doubt there are many pictures The Beatles will regret, but this photo taken in 1964 t looks awfully strange out of context today. The original intent was for the band to playfully mimic the British tradition of Christmas Pantomime. At Christmas time, the band was known to perform in the frilly neckpieces and tights.


Fall Out Boy looks more like the members of The Village People for the cover of AP Magazine. I’m sure reading the article will enlighten us on why the get-up. Or maybe not. The Fallout Boys will surely be haunted by this cover for a long time.


This band photo of Bon Jovi is more about the look of the band than the photo, but the photo has captured this unfortunate moment in time for the one-time hair band. Over the years, the look changed drastically for the band mates but if they ever want to go back to their old look there is plenty of pictures out there for them to refer to.


Although Milli-Vanilli is no longer around, this photo will be around forever. Two grown men in a bathtub together may be one of the most awkward photo shoots in existence. You can’t help get the feeling there is some kind of fetish fantasy being played out here.


Apple is taking action to slow down piracy. The company recently obtained a patent for a technology allowing people to share music and videos with friends legally. Customers can get music and videos from friends and family instead of downloading files from iTunes or other stores by obtaining a separate license. This will save bandwidth costs as well as reducing piracy, according to Apple.

The company is taking if you can’t beat’em join’em approach when it comes to P2P technology. Users can just purchase the license, which requires virtually no bandwidth and drops the delivery costs to almost zero.

Although the piracy issue is a big issue according to Apple, streaming seems to be defeating the piracy problem. Some are questioning why Apple is taking this approach. Many questions in regards to the patent are left unanswered at this point.

We lost many of the best musicians in the world through unfortunate tragedies. One of the inevitable aspects of being a being a successful musician is touring. That involves some kind of transporting from one gig to the next. It does not matter how big a band gets, tragic accidents and personal injury can happen to anyone. Even the biggest most well-equipped buses can be involved in horrible accidents. Some of the world’s biggest bands have been a victim to tour bus collisions.

In 1986, the heavy metal band Metallica was on tour in Europe in support of their album Master of Puppets. While traveling through Sweden the tour bus flipped and bassist Cliff Burton was thrown from his bunk. The tour bus landed on top of the guitarist killing him on sight. The rest of the band suffered minor injuries.

In 1990, Gloria Estefan was traveling via tour bus in Scranton. PA amidst a snowstorm.  The tour bus was rammed from the back by an 18 wheeler. The pop singer suffered a critical spine fracture. Titanium rods were placed in her back. The singer has since made a full recovery.

En route to Boston from Toronto in December 2009, Weezer’s bus, which contained lead singer Rivers Cuomo, his wife and baby daughter, struck some black ice, which sent the bus crashing into the median and over a guardrail and landing in a ditch. Cuomo suffered three cracked ribs and minor internal injuries. The band had to cancel their remaining dates for the year.

When Kings Of Leon were on tour during the spring of 2014, their tour bus swerved while narrowly avoiding a pedestrian in Boston who jumped in front of the bus. Drummer Nathan Followill was treated for broken ribs after being injured in the accident. The band had to cancel dates until Followill was well enough to perform again.

It’s the most anticipated sports event of the year. Millions gather around the TV to see who will win the ultimate Bowl game of the year: The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet on Sunday, Feb 1 at 3PM. The game comes complete with a pregame show you can find online at www.animalplanet.com.

Will it be team Ruff or team Fluff who brings home the Lombarki trophy? The show is filled with fun entertainment, such as the halftime show with Katty Furry. The Game announcers; Jack Russell, James Hound, and Rott Weiler will give you play-by-play action. You never know when pet care emergencies happen, so referees will be keeping an eye on any penalties or unnecessary “ruff-ness.” They will be at the ready equipped with flags, and maybe even a little carpet cleaner. Who do you think will be MVP of Puppy Bowl XI?

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.47.57 AM

OOps! She did it right the first time!

A few good reasons why we love Alabama Shakes



Bye Dave!

May 22, 2015

My all time favorite Young song. A sad and moving story.

“There’s no small controversy over the meaning of this song. Some think it is set during the Civil War, with the attackers being Union soldiers. Others say that the “White Boat” is actually a Coast Guard Cutter, and the family being attacked are involved in drug running or operating an illegal distillation business. (thanks, David – Lilburn, GA)

Young offered this to Lynyrd Skynyrd, but 3 members of the band died in a plane crash before they could record it.”


Here is a beautiful rendition by Cowboy Junkies

Mandolins should be a requirement. lvoe leov love


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