OJR Nashville Demos

February 10, 2016

Check out this awesome new music from Nashville artist Oliver-John Rodgers (OJR). He calls his music acid country and calls himself the Acid Cowboy.

Hinds “Garden”

February 1, 2016

Looking for new music? This band is a must listen!

Hinds started in 2011 as a duo called Deers, consisting of Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote. They are a Spanish indie rock band from Madrid.


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Every year, new bands and old bands finally catch a break and find themselves soaring up the music charts, and many of those bands can be found right here in Philadelphia.

Source: Top Up-And-Coming Philadelphia Bands To Check Out In 2016 « CBS Philly

It’s always a shock to hear when a musician dies, but it was even more of shock to hear that David Bowie had passed. Since the cancelation of his concerts set for Madison Square Garden, the question about Bowie has been why and where. We now know that he was courageously fighting cancer for the last 18 months. Bowie will be remembered as a true pioneer as the father of Glam Rock and a major influence on the punk scene. For those old enough, we will always remember when this androgynous crooner first leaned into his condenser mic and delivered the unique and ground-breaking music that would change so many live. Thank you, Mr. Jones, Starman, Ziggy…you will forever be found in our hearts and music.


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