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Nice of John Oates to fill in for Tim on this video

envision fest

Calling all music lovers! Looking for a tropical adventure, that involves your passion for music? Envision Festival is an international three-day music festival in Uvita, Costa Rica. The festival runs from February 26 to March 1.

Flights to Costa Rica from the USA are plentiful and reasonable. Costs for the a three-day pass are $215.00 and camping is available. For more comfortable arrangements check out rentals in nearby neighborhoods.

Envision Festival  gathers people from around the world to help create a more sustainable community. The festival will offer yoga, spirituality, art, music, dance and more.

For more information on other Costa Rica adventures visit: lvcostarica.com


In music, you may want to copyright your work as opposed to getting patent. Copyrights are an expression of an idea, such as a the written word or something in the artistic realm. A patent would refer to an invention. Let’s say you were to invent a musical instrument, you would pursue a patent for the instrument and then copyright the name of the instrument that you created.

If you are looking to copyright your work, it needs to be registered with the United States Copyright offices. You must supply nonreturnable samples, which you can do electronically, in both audio and sheet music form.

A Patent protects your work from being copied or sold by a third party. Patents can be inventions, new processes, machines (instruments) or chemicals.

To register your invention, it must be an original idea, must be useful, and show ingenuity. Patents last for 20 years, after that they must be reregistered.

For help patenting your work visit 2inovative.net


The evolution of Caleb Followill.

You can see it in his look, hear it in his voice and his performance. We’ve all gotten to see him grow from a boy to a man while becoming one of the best musicians of his generation. Happy Birthday, Caleb.


DJ Cool Out

Around 10 years ago, hiring a DJ for an event like your wedding, seemed to be looked down upon. A band gave off the impression that the couple were invested in entertaining their guests, whereas hiring a DJ was “calling it in” so to speak.

When hiring entertainment in present day, hiring of DJ’s is just as acceptable as hiring a live band no matter the cost. Since the celebrity DJ has become a hot ticket for big events, the price can run just as high as hiring a live band. Celebrity DJing isn’t limited to just the big cities either, every town has a local celeb who is available for DJing.

Hiring music entertainment could come down to space. Hiring a 6 piece band wouldn’t seem appropriate for a small backyard wedding but a DJ could be perfect. And hiring a DJ for a big country club wedding might not be the right fit either. Why pay for the space if you aren’t planning on some big entertainment?

The music can make or break an event. You want as much variety  as you can get to entertain all different tastes. Chances are you will have a wide range of ages at your event and you want everyone to be happy. Both a band and a DJ can deliver what you want. Both will expect playlists, but a DJ may have a bigger range since they will be playing original recordings. The beauty of a live band is the presence and energy they bring to an event, especially if they are good. Not to mention the band leader will act as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

So it comes down to money, energy, space and variety. Your best bet is to see both the live band and DJ in action at an event or ceremony. This way you will be able to see first hand how the guests react to their performance. This is probably the most effective way to decide.

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The Blue Route Chapter One – Wattpad.

The first chapter of a novella I am writing. Originally an article I wrote about my hometown and playing in an abandoned mansion as a kid. Comments welcomed and encouraged.

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