November 26, 2010

You are enthusiastic, blunt and sincere.  The bluntness and 
sincerity is not always well mixed.  You have a habit of saying 
the wrong things all the time.  You mean well but just don’t 
realize that your stepping on toes.  You are being earnest and 
sincere, but it might take others a while to realize that you don’t 
mean to hurt their feelings with your telling it how it is.  You can 
be quite a dare devil as risks excite you.  

As a Sagittarius, you are friendly and generous to everybody.  
This is a great trait but it can leave you short on funds.  You 
have a restless personality and like to always be on the move.  
You enjoy activities that give you a physical outlet and probably 
enjoy participating and watching a variety of sports.  You have 
an energetic mind, always looking ahead to find new 
possibilities.  You love to travel, both in a physical and mental 
way.  Exploring new ideas and people is something you enjoy 

You are very good at seeing the broader picture and how 
things relate to each other.  You can have a quick temper and 
tend to resent authority.  Yet at the same time you can be quite 
self-righteous yourself.  You also have a tendency to preach at 
others about your ideals and it can be very aggravating to 
others.  You are very idealistic and love to commit yourself to 
an ideal.  You can be something of a fanatic and given to blind 

However, you are a contradiction in that this extends almost 
solely to your ideals.  In other areas of your life, especially 
romantic relationships, you hate to be tied down.  You are a 
true believer in the old saying “the grass is always greener on 
the other side”.  You can have a hard time making 
commitments to one person and may be a decided bachelor or 
bachelorette, or marry late in life.

The lesson of a Sagittarius is to learn that you can carry your 
quest for truth and honesty too far.  It will help you to realize  
that “the” truth is rarely known but more importantly that there 
are many truths to different people.   Sagittarius is the true sign 
of the teacher and a teacher learns to share ideas and 
inspirations without judgment.


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