After 9 days of no internet service I am finally back up. I have never experienced such incompetence in my life. My mobile broadband device broke and apparently no one at Comcast knew how to reorder it! After 4 days on the phone and speaking to at least 10 people, it finally arrived. I think my favorite moment during my visit to the bowels of Comcast was when I reached a woman mid-colon, who told me that the person I wanted to speak to would call me back in 72 hours. Apparently there are about 10 supervisors who need to approve a phone call. No one has extensions and if you do find some kind soul to call you back you have to ask someone to email them then they will call you back. I think it’s time Comcast teaches the left hand what the right hand is doing. You rock Comcast!

Thanks for your patience, friends.
It’s nice to see you still came for a visit even though I was down.


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