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My dear friend Lisa, has not only received her certificate as a Nutrition Counselor but she has started a new blog called Vanity, Sanity and Health. Lisa has been a big part of my own journey towards getting healthy in both body and mind. She was a big part of getting me on the right path with healthy eating. She really knows her stuff! Her blog is full of great tips on healthy eating, body conditioning and mindfulness. You can follow her blog through the link above.

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Blog Update

February 17, 2012

Hey folks!

Just wanted to update everyone on the recent changes to some of my sites. I’ve been busy consolidating and creating some of my blogs since there has been so many changes going on in my life I’m finding it hard give proper attention to everything. I’ve consolidated my TVM and IAH blogs so everything from those 2 sites will now be on my IAH site. I transfered all my tumblr posts to IAH as well and deleted my tumblr’s. So now everything music can be found on It Ain’t Hemingway. One stop shopping! Be sure to check out my featured artists. I’ve added a few more of my favorites. Stay tuned for some exciting new stuff, such as an ITunes podcast and guest bloggers! http://ow.ly/98k9f


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