Graham Alexander is a musician, composer and entrepreneur who started off his business like many musicians – by forming his band of nearly 15 years. Their commitment to touring and their history at such a young age led to Graham Alexander & Co. In 2008 Graham formed LAIR Media as a parent company for the ventures of the touring production, as well as the administration of his own publishing rights. Through LAIR, he eventually formed a recording division which established studios in NJ for commercial recording production…First Note Is Always The Part, Says Philadelphia Music Entrepreneur « CBS Philly.


A business manager or coach is extremely helpful when first starting out in the music industry. The benefits are endless when establishing credibility, organizing appearances, potential record deals and more.


Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoyed A Christmas Song A Day Til Christmas Day 2014!! Be sure to save the Spotify Playlist.

A Song A Day Til Christmas Day

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