The Difference Between Copyright and Patent

January 20, 2015

In music, you may want to copyright your work as opposed to getting patent. Copyrights are an expression of an idea, such as a the written word or something in the artistic realm. A patent would refer to an invention. Let’s say you were to invent a musical instrument, you would pursue a patent for the instrument and then copyright the name of the instrument that you created.

If you are looking to copyright your work, it needs to be registered with the United States Copyright offices. You must supply nonreturnable samples, which you can do electronically, in both audio and sheet music form.

A Patent protects your work from being copied or sold by a third party. Patents can be inventions, new processes, machines (instruments) or chemicals.

To register your invention, it must be an original idea, must be useful, and show ingenuity. Patents last for 20 years, after that they must be reregistered.

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