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July 24, 2015

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It’s pretty much a no brainer that packing to move is on everyone’s top 10 worst things to do in a lifetime. Packing is probably the most tedious experience and only second to worrying about the actual move. Will the movers show up? Will they move furniture with care? If one thing is off it could screw up the whole experience. Moving is horrible but if done well and in a timely fashion it offers many benefits.

It’s the perfect time to get rid of all the junk that hasn’t been used, worn or even looked at in years. PURGE is the key when packing to move. Everything that hasn’t been worn in a year should be thrown out. Start early enough so there is plenty of time to really organize. Go through the medicine cabinet, books and magazines, and kitchen utensils. Are they old, rusty, expired? They must go! Before the big purge why not pull out the gently used items that are hiding in the back of the closet and donate them.

When packing up the house, there are a few tricks that will keep the packing experience organized. cardboard boxes are great, but clear containers are ideal. Not only can the items inside be seen, the containers are sturdy and last forever. This is also great for kitchen items. Not only will the items be visible, but it will make the next move even easier. Check out kitchen organizers at Storables.com. These durable containers are a perfect way to keep the kitchen really organized. When packing with old boxes gotten from a dumpster behind the grocery store they may also be home to unwanted creatures such as cockroaches. Containers can be stacked and stored or used for other things; just slap on a new label, “Holiday Decorations” perhaps.

The move will go much faster if items that are to be moved are labeled. Labeling and grouping items is very helpful for the movers. The easiest way to label boxes is to write which room on a piece of packing tape, then stick it to the container. That way the labels can be easily removed. Also keep the movers in mind when packing the boxes. Overpacking boxes makes them too heavy to move. Smaller containers are the way to go.

The night before the move leave one box open for any “left-behinds” you find at the last minute. Toiletries and laundry can also be thrown in the box before leaving the house. Be sure to mark the box “Open First”.

Moving can be tedious, but when starting early and planning ahead it doesn’t have to be. The more moving one does the easier it gets. Think of it as a new adventure and focus on the positive and you’ll be guaranteed an easy moving experience.

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