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August 29, 2015

Kendra Morris “Banshee”

August 25, 2015

Up until about the 1960’s rock posters pretty much stayed the same, simple copy with a poorly lit picture of the entertainer. As the years go by the art of concert posters has emerged as true art, printed in bright colors with well-designed layouts and unique photography. Many of these posters are printed in short runs since many are meant to promote one or two shows taking place in a particular city. We’ve found some awesome posters that have been created for different bands by some of the most renowned concert poster artists. Feel free to mention or post pics of some of your favorite rock posters in our comment section. 

This Pearl Jam Poster was created for a concert that took place at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2011. The opening act was Mudhoney. The artist for this poster is Emek, known for his stunning use of typography.


The Jane’s Addiction poster was for a “one night only” show at La Cita in downtown Los Angeles that took place on October 23, 2008. Frank Shepard Fairey is the brainchild behind his brand OBEY. He is the American street artist who is also responsible for the Obama HOPE poster.


The Jimi Hendrix Experience was a poster for a show being held at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California on February 1, 1968. The poster was created by the late Richard Alden “Rick” Griffin who was known for his Psychedelic posters of the 60’s. Some may recognize his work from the Grateful Dead posters he created.


The wilco poster was created for the band’s 2007 ”Sky Blue Sky” European tour. The poster was designed by Mike Klay. Mike’s style is simple yet impactful. He keeps it clean using vector images and interesting color combinations.


The Radiohead poster was created for a concert performed on May 8, 2008, at the Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach Florida. Artist Jermaine Rogers created the edgy poster and has created other posters for such artists as Neil Young, Tool, Weezer, Tori Amos, and David Bowie.

Not much can get past a hardcore neighbor association, but some lawn ornaments deserve the strictest penalties of all. Sometimes the more “creative” ornaments can make it through Halloween season or even Christmas, but the majority will put you on the top of the list for a major TPing situation come mischief night. Many people pride themselves on pristine landscaping, others pride themselves on their collection of tacky lawn jockey’s. We’ve found some doozies that will make you glad that these lawn ornament enthusiasts don’t live in your neighborhood.

If you have a neighbor with some “interesting” ornaments in your neighborhood, please do us a favor and share a picture with us. We secretly LOVE this stuff!

This lawn ornament seems to find it’s way on many a dog haters lawn. There’s nothing more adorable than a puppy poop pose, am I right?  

praying mantis
A new twist on the scarecrow, perhaps.

Some fabulous gam’s causing a stir among the hoity-toity in Sag Harbor. Don’t people know art when they see it?

tigar tail
A giant deformed carrot? Someone should have the soil tested

drunk mexican
America, making great strides with stereotypes through the use of lawn jockey’s.

When the lights go out at night, they come to life!

Zombie gnomes enjoying a light flamingo snack

Perusing Match.com for the Princess that will turn him into a Prince with one kiss.

ccow tip
This cow tipping game is way too easy

Her voice gets me everytime.

Lockeland Springsteen

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 3.46.29 PM

It’s hard for me to measure the profound impact an album like Jessie Baylin’s Dark Place had on me this year – for both its stunning beauty, its daring complexity and its sheer, completely honest sense of lyricism. Created after the birth of her daughter, this is a set of songs about the fear that comes with enormous love and the danger that lingers when we assume that happiness is a given. How Jessie was able to turn away from what’s expected of us – doting parent, dutiful wife with zero secrets to be told – is as mesmerizing as that voice, that floats so effortlessly over each note and syllable. It’s one of the best there is. With a two-year-old myself, I know well how that first year of your child’s life isn’t only full of sweet snuggles and movie-scene midnights with a sleeping baby on your chest, rocking the chair to the…

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