Video Monday: Revisited

November 30, 2009

Thought I’d go with an episode with the original Darren, OOP, i mean Caleb. Before they switched him with the more supposedly desirable Darren, I mean Caleb for a wider American Soccer Mom demographic during Season 4, I mean album 4.

Slow Night So Long 2005

Oh, and don’t miss Caleb’s appearance on Iron Chef this Fall. No doubt to secure the Cooking Ninja demographic for season 5.
I mean Album 5.



And on a separate note…

The recent Rooster Rage in Reading has left me thinking WTF… What is with the constant contradiction from one interview or stage rant to the next. What is  this conflict between arrogance and humility. Both very charming in separate situations but not in the same paragraph.

We get sick of being your fans too sometimes but “fuck you” we ARE your fans and we will only like 2 songs if we want.

And “fuck you’ we ARE gonna show up at your concerts in our capri’s or our skinnies whether we got them at Urban Outfitter’s or Target.

And “fuck you” we will listen to your music whether we only have  Sex on Fire that we copied from our kids illegally downloaded version or if we have all of your albums and original limited edition vinyl’s and B side only playlist on our IPods.

And “fuck you” we will still call ourselves fans even if we have no idea that you are family or who plays what or if we  know all your names, birth dates, siblings, cousins, bodyguards, aunts and uncles step brothers, mothers, sisters, fathers, girlfriends, etc.

This you cannot control much like you cannot control how 100k festival goers who stood out in the rain all day to see you, react to your performance. That should say enough. That alone deserves an encore.

We all know how grueling touring must be. I know I couldn’t handle the travel at all, but you know what, suck it up man, you’re “the fucking Kings of Leon” for God’s sake.


6 Responses to “Video Monday: Revisited”

  1. Missus of the Whiskey Says:

    Two things:

    1) Ouch


    2) Fucking right on.

    I’m a fan and I do what I want.

  2. Lorraine Day Says:

    Well said Christina!!
    I watched the festival on tv and thought that they got a great reception from fans so i dont know what the hissy fit was about!
    He said more than once, that he was cold and that it was the fans job to be more enthusiastic..’to warm us up’!!
    They are obviously over tired and stressed from the tour but i agree with you that it was a bit out of order!
    Have we got a Diva on our hands? He,ll be demanding Fresh spring water from Tennesee next ha ha!
    I still love em though!

    • thanks lori: I’ll also say Im sick of hearing the fans make excuses for them. You don’t tell the whole crowd to fuck off cause a handful of people are acting like assholes. What about the poor kid who saved his money to travel there just for them and at the end got the finger and no encore. Come on. And then 2 nights later still bitchin about it…bad form, disappointing. And yes, i still love them too but a couple of things they’ve said recently on stage and in interviews have been a turn off. Lets chalk it up to alcohol and hopefully misquoted write ups.

  3. ticboo Says:

    ditto Missus – ouch!
    The only duty a crowd has to a band is that they pay admission – the rest is down to the band. I hope they learn something from all this.

    Think I’m gonna dust off my capri pants…

    • Jaye honey, you inspired me with your “bad attitude” tweet. Oh I seem to have forgotten to ask, mind if i link that awesome SNSL video from your multiply acct…Thanks!

      Mandy, I have half a mind to wear my capri’s to NJ and paint a beach ball to look like a soccer ball and kick it around the stadium during FANS! (and during 4 kicks 4 the SBP)

  4. Jay Says:

    You hit the nail on the head Chrissy – bang on.

    (I’m still laughing at the Iron Chef thing though :))

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