Kings Of Leon cover Robyn’s Dancing On My Own – YouTube.

Bop your head til the beat comes

red corvette and lithium

….dig this song

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Don’t know why, but thinkin’ for awhile now I’d love to hear @kingsofleon do a cover of this song. @doctorfollowill @youngfollowill . I know they don’t like songs that are too slow but I’d love to hear Caleb’s voice on this song. I think they’d make it really unique. just my humble blah blah blah


I was going to write a long drawn out rant about “selling out” after reading an article (it may have been a blog, can’t remember) on KOL. I’m gonna save that for another day but just one question; how come when a band starts to get big the media tries to tear them down? I don’t get it, and when did “branding” or tie-ins with products become so taboo? This has been going on for years! Pretty sure The Stones, U2 and most definitely Elvis is a brand. Sick of the media criticizing the business end of a band and not focusing on the music just to get readers.

So everyone is getting very sentimental over the closing of KOL.com. Although it may just be down for maintenance (no one knows for sure), it has stirred up a lot of stories about when it was good and when a lot of the Kings of Leon fans became friends. I joined that site almost 3 years ago and had some great, belly rolling laughs on there. Over the past 3 years it has changed considerably. Way too much spam, incompetent mods, outdated information, etc… Lets hope that this hiatus is an attempt for the powers that be to get KOL.com back on their game.

I met a lot of the people I am still friends with after I posted my review of the bands first ever performance at Madison Square Garden. So I’m reposting purely for sentimental reasons. For me, this story stirs up all those feelings I had on that day. It was the first time I saw KOL live, first time in Madison Sq Garden for a concert, and the first concert review I ever wrote. Hope you enjoy!

Philly to Madison Square Garden

Concert Ticket $44.00
Ticket Master Service Charge $1000.00
1 warm beer purchased at the Garden $1500.00
Seeing the Kings of Leon LIVE: Priceless

Wallet? Check! Keys? Check. Cash? Check! I’m Ready…CRAP! Ticket! Where the fuck is my TICKET…oh in my wallet, never mind (checks wallet 3 more times during course of journey).

I’m on the 6:15 NJ Transit train headed for NYC. The car seems to be filled with mostly commuters and no one really resembling a fellow concertgoers. It’s freezing out and the door won’t close, but that’s OK because I know soon enough I’ll be hot and sweaty.

Being one to battle the anxiety demons a few times in my life, a whole list of “worst case scenario’s” run through my head.
1. We covered the forgotten ticket but there’s also the “been sold a fake ticket by some
Savvy hacker/scalper on-line.”
2. Lose or have stolen wallet, purse, keys, ID, or all the above.
3. Journey home-missing the last train out of NY and having to sleep on the plastic bucket chairs at Penn Station.

I’m taking this journey alone tonight. Unfortunately, my friends are not Kings of Leon fans. Not that they wouldn’t be but most of them are knee-deep in newborns, rug-rats, and ‘tweens. Their music library pretty much consists of; The Wiggles, Miley Cyrus, and the Jonas Bros. I have attempted to convert them by bombarding their e-mail boxes with video’s, home movies, and chest hair pictures of the boys but alas, their libido’s are on hold until the kids are off to college.

So to soldier through my long journey, I put on my headphones and cue up the “KOL” play list and get myself in concert mode.

The train fills up with more and more people as we near NYC. I can make out who are the concertgoers by their pack mentality and Jared wannabe hairdo’s.
(Check wallet 4th time to make sure ticket didn’t mysteriously fly out.)

The sudden urge to pee overwhelms me. CRAP! Ok, I’m sure I can hold out until NY.
(If you’ve ever peed in a public rest room in NYC you’ll understand my concern. Especially the Woman’s bathroom no offense sisters, but girls are gross.)

I follow the signs for Madison Square Garden. Awesome, I don’t even have to leave the building.
I’m early, there’s hardly anyone here yet. I glide past the first checkpoint. There’s a Merch table ahead and the “FOLLOWILL” T-shirt catches my eye but I decide against it. I already spent enough money on these boys tonight.
Second check point approaches, my stomach drops knowing this is where I’ll be turned away because of my bogus ticket.
Hmmm…. I stand corrected, the ticket is legit and I’m ushered through the turnstile.
Upon reaching my seat, I am briefly struck by a wave of altitude sickness and immediately sit down. I swallow a few times to relieve the pressure in my ears and scan the stadium. The stage looks like a miniature doll set. I close one eye and pretend to squish Nathan’s drums with my thumb and index finger. This sucks. At least there’s the Jumbotron.

It’s 8pm and The Whigs just took the stage. I have never heard their music before but I’m willing to be open-minded and I’m eager to see them perform.

The lead singer of The Whigs slurs out a greeting to the audience. Their drum set dwarfs in comparison to Nathan’s. I’m sure a lot dwarfs in comparison to what Nathan has to offer.

Stream of consciousness begins:

OK, half way through song one and I’m done. BRING ON THE BOYS!

If this place doesn’t fill up I’m heading down to below cloud level.

The Whigs look cute from way up here, like cute ant people.

The lead singer seems to have some Michael Flately Irish dance moves going on.

OMG! Is the bassist wearing UGGS?!! Oh No-My bad. Phew!

Ok, I’m getting into it now…not really_BRING ON THE KINGS!!!!!

The Whigs have officially moved from cute ants to sexy ants.

The smoke machine just started, unless Nathan just lit a spliff behind the stage.

Hmmmm I wonder if Nate is left-handed. The drummer for The Whigs has his mike to the right-hand side; Nathan’s is to the left. I noticed while watching the home movies it looked like he was golfing left-handed…did I just write that? I sense a vague hint of stalker behavior in that sentence.
(Note to self: Stop by Bellevue Hospital before heading home.)

The Whig’s “are happy to be here and will now do something off their first album,” so they tell me and the other 4 people in the audience.

Wow this guy is amazing. He’s been dancing around on one leg while playing the guitar for a good 3 minutes. It reminds me of the guys who hung outside the Methadone clinic across the street from my apartment. They could hold a Karate Kid pose for like an hour, it was very impressive.

I love it when rockers do that Mick Jagger thing with their arms. They look all lanky and double-jointed with a touch of cerebal-palsyness. The Whiggles guy just did that (Caleb does it better).

Time check! 8:17! What??? Only 15 minutes went by???

I think I just saw a roadie put a cooler next to Nathan’s drums, wow. Maybe not. but probably.

I wonder if Caleb is puking.

OK, I’m having one of those “I can’t believe I’m actually here,” moments.

As of now I do not have an obstructed view, which is very cool.

OMG! Was that Nathan that just walked by??? No.
(REMINDER: Bellevue)


I figure I should make another bathroom run because I know if I go during the concert I will miss something crucial like Nathan doing his first solo or Caleb announcing he’s growing his hair long again.

I head out and walk a mile before I find the first Woman’s bathroom. The line is scary long and all of a sudden I really have to GO. Luckily it moves quickly. I race to the open stall where my theory has been confirmed-women are gross.

I get back to my seat and watch the crew set up. Nacho expertly tapes the cords in place. I don’t really hear any of the famous NACHO chants I’ve heard about. But then again maybe the sound just hasn’t traveled up here yet. I’ll give it another 30 min.

Oh God! I see my view obstruction heading towards me. Damn, he’s got to be 6’4 and he’s acting like an asshole. What a tool. I have no problem kicking him in the back of the head if need be.

Nacho is tuning Matt’s guitar and there’s that cool white bass Jared plays. I would think being a roadie would be a sucky job. But then again I just don’t like to do any sort of heavy lifting, or taping, or cleaning for that matter. I wonder if there are any girl roadies?

The tool and his friends are all tall.

I wonder if the mic height is based on how tall they are. From this level that would make Matthew and Jared ¼” tall and Caleb ¾” tall.

Time check 9:07!!!!WTF!!!
Put down the Bong Nathan, and get your ass out here!

Right now I have the perfect view but I know the John Mayer look-alike Tool Boy and the rest of his kit will ruin it, tall bastards.

As for the crowd…


Again, overwhelming feeling: I can’t believe I’m here!!!!

Ah the sweet smell of pot just filled the stadium, must be Nathan’s natural scent.

Eh, not a big fan of this song

This song bugs me because of the whole Rachael Bilson thing…what? Come on dude!

Caleb looks really pumped. And he’s wondering around the stage a lot. I didn’t think they moved. They’re all in their standard black and grey. I love Caleb in a vest. He’s having a good hair night. Jared and Matthew are in leather jackets looking hot (I mean literally).
Jared has some tentacles hair thing happening but it looks cute. He’s got some patchy scruff going on but that too looks good.
(Don’t give up on it honey, you got to go through the bad to get to the good, if not there’s always beard extensions.)

I love it when Caleb mimes the songs, even the hard of hearing can enjoy their live performance. Very generous.


Goddamn people who show up late. Knocking into me, grrrr
It is now officially packed! Wow, Matt is rocking Molly. Go Matty.

Hmm it’s Jared playing the casio not Nacho. Oh well.

Mmm more pot sme…..CRAP!!! Another tall guy just got here and he’s taller then the tool kit squad!!! Is this the song where Matt plays the guitar with his mouth? Tool Guys prevented me from seeing that.


MY FAV, I love this song.


A big smile comes across Caleb’s face when the audience sings along. No doubt he’s having a similar “Oh my God I can’t believe I’m here,” moment.


Another one of my fav’s.

They show fancier video’s on the Jumbtron when the play songs from OBtN album.

The view of the jumbtron is obstructed by the speakers and I can only see half of Nathan but even half a Nathan is still Hot.

I think I’m sweating just as much as Caleb.

Matt’s hair seems a lot longer. I like it better like this.

Caleb is putting his sweat rag to good use.


Oooo cool light show.
Jared goes into headshake mode. Awesome.


Eh, I’d rather hear Soft. Matt is rockin out. But when doesn’t he rock out, really.

Caleb SPEAKS!!!
He tells me (ok us, whatever) He’s been dreaming of this moment his whole life.
Through out he thanks everyone over and over. Seems very humble.

Tells everyone to sing along to the next song and we oblige.


You can hardly hear Caleb sing, especially during the chorus. Caleb seems to get a kick out of this.

My one complaint is there is way too much video of Caleb only. They showed one shot of Jared and I thought my ears were gonna bleed from the girly squeals.

Nate should have a jumbotron dedicated only to him.
I don’t know why they don’t use the jumbotron in the middle. That would’ve been perfect.

(MUST kill Tool. Luckily he only knows songs from OBtN, He’s freaking out now).


Oooo Caleb is doing that little dance; he looks like he’s sneaking up behind someone to scare the crap out of him or her. The sneaky dance. TOO CUTE!!!

He’s traveling all over the stage giving the side crowd their own little show.


Right now is the time to see them on tour. There’s not a stinker in their song catalog.
Who knows, 20 years from now we may all have to suffer through a Rolling Stones “Steel Wheels” type promotional concert tour just to get to the classics. That and “Caleb Followill Rock of Love,” are my biggest fears.

Tool boy has no idea what this song is.
“Bucket? What Bucket? Why the fuck is he singing about a bucket?”


I’ve neglected this song; I have to listen to it more, and again with the awesome video during a latest album song. Caleb is displaying some extra sexy raspiness in his voice during this song. I definitely noticed more clarity and confidence in his singing


Mmm yummy spliff just lit up 2 rows ahead.


Ewww gross, Caleb just spit. Hmmm there’s something about this song he doesn’t like. He’s doing a hand gesture thing to the sound guy. Or else he’s telling Jared to steal home.


Holy crap the crowd is going bonkers!!!!!
Americans definitely know more from this album than any other album. A little from Because of the Times but not much.

Having a moment….”can’t believe I’m here”…. continue


Looks like all the boys around me in the audience are taking the opportunity to make a play on their dates. Interesting. OOPS! Some guy just brushed up against my boob when he walked by, there’s my play for the evening.


Clove cigarette smell fills the air.

Wow, this isn’t the reaction I was expecting. Again this is Americans not familiar with anything but their most recent stuff. And where is Jared’s screaming freak-out head banging, gyrating moment. I’m so disappointed. Caleb delivered though.


OOOOOO NATE! Guzzles and chucks!!!

I’ve made a new friend while we wait for the encore, a sweet woman who got tickets at the very last-minute. She asks me who my favorite King is, Duh… Look at me; I look like I just walked out of Woodstock with all my hippie bohemianess going on. NATE LOVER right here!!!


Caleb tells the crowd. This is the Biggest and Best moment of his life. So sweet.

I love this video. Caleb is reenacting it on stage as we speak.


I think I actually had a little orgasm when he said, “Guitar Go Get Her”!

Wow, Jared booked off stage, maybe he has to pee.
Oh, there’s my beloved Nate front and center. Look at those fucking arms. I just want to lick his TATTS!

Caleb does his cute little double hand wave and throws some lucky soul his sweat rag.
I wonder how much that will go for on Ebay.

Good-bye boys. No doubt they are off to some fabulous after party filled with celebs and beautiful people. I hope they had a blast cause I sure did.

(…Yes, there’s more)

I swear I am being physically carried down the steps of the escalator and out the door by the mass of people exiting the Garden. How the hell did I get outside? My goal was not to leave the building. Oh well, I walk around the corner to get back into Penn Station. I stop at Nathan’s Hot Dogs and get a Nathan’s Lemonade. OMG! Did I subconsciously stop here? Hmmmm… too ladylike to make any Nathan’s Hot Dog jokes but definitely
wondering if his tattoo’s taste like lemonade. Yes, it’s my fantasy and they most definitely do.
I make my way to NJ Transit gate area and wait for the 11:40 train to Trenton. I eavesdrop on a group of girls who are imitating Caleb’s sneaky dance and listen to them trying to mimic his hi-pitch squeal that ends up being a lot more annoying than cute. I watch a group of young boys in their tight jeans and long hair pretend to watch the monitor while sneaking glimpses of the girls and their antics. Supportive fathers who escorted their sons to the concert are now stressing over the train schedule departure times.

I get on a double-decker commuter train and take the first seat I can find. The girl next to me rolls and unrolls the KOL poster she bought, and the boy in front of me calls his mom to tell her he’s on his way home and says, “It was beyond words, Mom.”

I’m kind of glad I have a long commute ahead of me. I’m still wired and my left eyeball is burning. I’m left handed and it’s only my left eyeball that ever hurts. I wonder if Nathan’s left eyeball ever hurts him.

DAMN…. I forgot to stop at Bellevue.

Thanks Guys!
You are blessed.


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The JBot Pervbot #69

June 11, 2011

I hear this version makes more than just your seat vibrate.

Click on the link to watch the video.

JBot Pervbot


If you are not familiar with the original video to this sequel you can check it out here. I created this one around the time of Pigeongate, hence the pigeon noises in the background.


Caleb’s solo of The Runner dedicated to their Uncle Cleo who died the day before. Footage of their uncle is running on the screens in the background. Unfortunately this is the only video I could find with good sound, but you can’t see the screens very well. An amazing performance by Caleb though, well done. Heart wrenching. xo

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kings of Leon – The Runner (Live at Slane), posted with vodpod

So if you read my last post, I’ve gone ahead and created my own SomeCard and used the Followill’s as my inspiration. Check them out and make your own! It’s fun! The link to the ‘Create Your Own’ Somecard page is in my previous post.

I’ll be making more for sure!

I have no words…

September 8, 2010

but here’s a few for JRod on his role in the video

Thank God the song is awesome!
Video’s should NOT happen for any band ever!!!

Meet J-BOT

July 25, 2010


In keeping with the Kings of Leon Home Movies idea, I’ve decided to create a list of what I need to do to prepare for the KOL concert in Philly on April 25th. No doubt you are asking yourself, “Why do you need to prepare-just show up!” Oh contrar mon frites, there is lots to do to prepare for a Kings of Leon concert. It’s quite involved so take notes and follow my daily updates for the next 23 days.

Thursday April 2, 2009
1. Start Lifting Weights– Certainly not for aesthetic reasons, but to build up muscle to survive the GA section. I’m no dummy, I’ve been reading the stories about the wild chicks freaking out, pushing, shoving and passing out. I’m just making sure I can handle a smack-down if need be. One shove and I will bring that bitch down! I may very well wear a helmet too! (and I am not ruling out juicing either)

Stay tuned for tomorrows entry…

Friday April 3, 2009
2. Find a Good, Reliable, and Honest Drug Dealer-This shouldn’t be to hard since there seems to be at least one or 2 on every street in my neighborhood. How do I know this? By the sneakers hanging over the telephone line. Yup, for those of you who are unfamiliar, that is the meaning behind that urban tradition. And if a dealer is shot or dies, then you may very well see about 100 of them over the line.

I need to seek out the best Pineapple Express I can find; not for myself, (those days are over) but to create a trail from the tour bus to my house.  Maybe I should just attach it to my helmet like mistletoe and light it up for an aromatic allure. (hmmm…need to research this further)

UPDATE: After many sketches and meetings with my crack staff of engineers, I think I have developed a contraption for the aforementioned helmet. It’s a combination Olympic torch/bong that will be welded on top of my helmet. I call this the “Lids on Fire-4:20 series.” (see comments for working prototype-created by my #1 wierdo, Jennifer)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

3. Purchase Day-Glo orange hunting vest. Caleb’s guitar needs to know where to find me. I may spray paint the helmet Day-Glo orange too. Maybe additional stick on reflectors will be helpful.

Sunday, April 5 2009

4. Get my Gun Show Membership Card laminated-Should be good for free access backstage right? Or at least the After Party!


(and whomever took the time to make this thank you!…seriously I could NEVER find the time to create something like this at 3am when I’m  bored, wide awake, in a state of delirium, and spending way too much time fawning over Rock Stars…nope wasn’t me..Ugh, I need to start reading or up my meds.)

Monday April 6, 2009

5. Start saving for a La Perla Bra to throw on stage. Oh yes, this is the only band who is $300 La Perla worthy. Leave the Victoria Secrets made in China crap for the Pete Wentz and John Mayer types. I’m aiming for Nathan but if it hits Caleb (who I seem to fancy a bit more then Nathan these days) so be it. All I ask is that it’s proudly displayed on the tour bus (You can sleep with it under your pillow boys but play fair and share). I’m getting the DDs not that I am actually DD but let’em think it.

Tues April 7, 2009

6. Find God….oop! sorry, wrong list.

Wednesday April 8, 2009

7. Cover myself in “POP” tarts…I have a sneaking suspicion it may help the cause.

Thursday April 9, 2009

8. TAILGATE!!!! This my friends is a list with in a list
What to bring

1. Cheesesteaks
2. Hoagies
3. Tasty Cakes
4. Cream Cheese
5. Soft Pretzels
6. Yuengling
7. The Rocky Statue
8. Batteries ( for Sam)
9. Mummer’s String Band for some pre-show entertainment. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard the banjo version of Black Thumbnail (or are they ukulele’s?).


Friday April 10, 2009

9. Bring a Puke Bucket for C-ass-wiggly diggly. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE A GIF OF CALEBs ASS WIGGLE AT THE END OF MSN CONCERT SERIES BLACK THUMBNAIL FOR ME? That one little move alone has kicked Nathan to the curb and I am now full on Team Caleb. No doubt he’ll be nervous knowing I’m out there. (My reasoning for his nerves: My wit and charm have won his heart through the airwaves of the interweb; these powers of mine are special…hmmm maybe I should add a cape to the outfit. His possible reasoning for the nerves: Imagining the duct tape and blind-fold I may have in the trunk of my car). I also just found a pic of The C-Factor in the shirtless vest look. I vote the new family band uniform, who’s with me?


Can I Get an AMEN!

Can I Get an AMEN!

Sat April 11, 2009

10. Nix the La Perla. Weave together a bra and panty set out of Weed.
Thinking the La Perla would be lost on them. Kind of a middle man thing that just slows the process. Pot Panties-that’s like screwing 2 birds with one stoner…huh?

Sunday April 12, 2009

11. Where do babies come from? a little DVD just in case Caleb is still questioning the process.

Monday April, 13, 2009

12. Remember to beat myself over the head with a bat for doing 23 days, when I should have only done 14 days tops. Hey, nobody’s that funny not even Letterman, and he’s got a team of writers…ugh!

Tuesday April 14, 2009

13.  TAXES?!??!!! I’m screwed!!!! Damn it to hell Followills…I blame you for being so distracting (yes, I’m cheating…deal…oh God, on the game as in buying time, no way shape or form am I cheating on my taxes)!!!

Wednesday April 15, 2009

14. Plastic Surgeon on Stand-By. I swear to God, if I get close enough to Matthew I will bum rush that stage and bite those damn dimples right off his face. Between the Pineapple Express, tailgating cocktails, lack of sleep, random substance and just losing it in general; I cannot be responsible for my actions. Seriously, its in KOL’s best interest to up security. I cannot stress this fact enough.  Matthew could be left with 2 gaping holes on his face, not pretty.

Thursday April, 16 2009

15. Bring Sharpie’s I’m sure they will want my autograph and will be waiting for me after the show by my bus…stop.

Friday April, 17 2009

16. Practice Writing Really Small. I’m gonna need to fit “It Ain’t Hemingway Was Here” on those teeny weeny asses of theirs. Not an easy task.

Saturday April 18, 2009

17. Surveillance Camera‘s set up outside each fancy Philly Hotel for 24 hour observation. Rent Van for monitoring camera’s. Black Cargo’s, sneakers, Kevlar vest, and hire the make up man from Mission Impossible.

Sunday April 19, 2009

18. Rent Bell Hop, Maid, Consierge, outfits. Also fake stache, wigs, contacts, and shave off fingerprints. No evidence can be left behind.

Monday April 20, 2009

19. Once I gain access to the hotel rooms steal all Baylin’s Hair care products. What the hell is her secret?!?!

Tuesday April 21, 2009

20. Beef up security around my mailbox. If I find a defaced copy of Old Man and the Sea, I will lose my shit!

Wednesday April 22, 2009

21, Sneak into the Spectrum abduct the dude who feeds Nathan his sippy straw beer during the show. Quickly change into My St. Pauli Girl outfit and serve my favorite man like a good little barmaid.

Thursday April 23, 2009

22. Therapy Therapy Therapy– one more tweet about nether regions and pantless drumming and I’m done.

Friday April 24, 2009

23. It’s Friday somewhere right? No list this time, just a few words to the fella’s.  Enjoy yourself in our lovely city of Philadelphia where if we love ya, we LOVE ya, if we don’t Duck!  Jared, you’ll earn extra points if you dig that old Phillies jersey out of the back of your closet and wear it on stage.  The Spectrum is being torn down in the fall so why don’t you boys get the demo started by blowing the roof off the joint!! Have a blast and I’ll see you in your hotel closet after the show. ( I’ll still be wearing the St. Pauli Girl get-up. *wink wink* )

Dear Diary:

This week I:

Played Golf
Decorated the Christmas Tree
Played Golf
Watched Football
Played Golf
ate a Panini Sandwich
wished I could Play Golf
Watched Basketball
Mocked the death of 2 innocent birds
drank beer
drank wine
smoked something, probably…maybe the birds-who knows
and ummm…oh yeah…was nominated for 4 Grammy’s.

@wireimage via lauren C

and all the while looked damn good doing it. Good Lord that’s a handsome fella!


Video Monday: Revisited

November 30, 2009

Thought I’d go with an episode with the original Darren, OOP, i mean Caleb. Before they switched him with the more supposedly desirable Darren, I mean Caleb for a wider American Soccer Mom demographic during Season 4, I mean album 4.

Slow Night So Long 2005

Oh, and don’t miss Caleb’s appearance on Iron Chef this Fall. No doubt to secure the Cooking Ninja demographic for season 5.
I mean Album 5.



And on a separate note…

The recent Rooster Rage in Reading has left me thinking WTF… What is with the constant contradiction from one interview or stage rant to the next. What is  this conflict between arrogance and humility. Both very charming in separate situations but not in the same paragraph.

We get sick of being your fans too sometimes but “fuck you” we ARE your fans and we will only like 2 songs if we want.

And “fuck you’ we ARE gonna show up at your concerts in our capri’s or our skinnies whether we got them at Urban Outfitter’s or Target.

And “fuck you” we will listen to your music whether we only have  Sex on Fire that we copied from our kids illegally downloaded version or if we have all of your albums and original limited edition vinyl’s and B side only playlist on our IPods.

And “fuck you” we will still call ourselves fans even if we have no idea that you are family or who plays what or if we  know all your names, birth dates, siblings, cousins, bodyguards, aunts and uncles step brothers, mothers, sisters, fathers, girlfriends, etc.

This you cannot control much like you cannot control how 100k festival goers who stood out in the rain all day to see you, react to your performance. That should say enough. That alone deserves an encore.

We all know how grueling touring must be. I know I couldn’t handle the travel at all, but you know what, suck it up man, you’re “the fucking Kings of Leon” for God’s sake.

Houston Oct. 6 2009

October 14, 2009

Laundry with Harry
The 3hr drive to Houston is pretty uneventful and a visual bore-fest but an easy enough journey. I finally saw my first Longhorn which was quite exciting. I practically sent my sleeping passengers through the roof of the car when I screamed, “Look Longhorns!!!” Hey man, I never saw them before or at least ones with skin.

We got to the hotel; a Holiday Inn Express situated a mere block from the Toyota Center and complete with laundry facilities and each room equipped with microwave, fridge and coffee maker, you couldn’t ask for more.

Thank God for the laundry facilities because everything I owned was filthy. I gathered my wash and headed to the laundry room. The door had been propped open by a tiny vending machine Tide box so I kicked it out of my way and let the door slam behind me.

2 Young fella’s gave a knock at the door, no doubt the alleged door proppers, so I let them in and they manage to grumble out a “thanks”. They both start examining the contents of the dryer and as one held their industrial size Hefty bag the other proceeded to fill it with the dried clothes. As they conversed I detected a British accent and thought, hmmm, could this be…

I continued stuffing the washer with all my crap, hoping to get the most out of a $1.00 wash and then tried to tackle the obviously jammed laundry detergent vending machine.
“God Damn it you Mother F*cker,” I less then mumbled.
Finally I turned to the abandoned Tide prop box and said the the young Brit.
“is this yours,”
“Yes, but we aren’t using it, you can have it,” he replied.
“Aw, thanks, you rock!” oh God yes I did say “you rock”, ugh.
As he and the other dude left (tall blonde a bit grumpy), I thanked him again and he responded, “No worries!”
I’m sure it was more out of fear of the cursing crazy woman trying to beat up a vending machine that he gave me the detergent but it was very nice of him.

So that was my laundry encounter with Harry McVeigh, the lead singer to White Lies. The band that opened for Kings of Leon. Unfortunately I’m sure it was a bit lost on me because I know a lot of other people who would have appreciated the encounter as I don’t really follow them but I do think they are talented.

For all the people who search “how tall is Harry McVeigh” and end up on my site, I can tell you not very. I’d say somewhere between 5’6 and 5’8, but he is adorable, skinny, and has flawless skin. Much cuter in person.

The show

So one of my travel partners was able to hook us up with somewhat better seats then we had and best of all they were free. So I had posted earlier in the week our original tkts on Craigslist and was able to sell all 4 tickets. One of the girls who purchased 2 tkts was a royal pain in the ass. She showed up in major Hooker shoes and made me wait around while she called friends after the original person bailed on her. She actually called me and said,

“Hey Bitch, I’m in my car reapplying my makeup…”

“Bitch, Who you callin’ Bitch, I ain’t your Bitch-Get your ass out here and pay for these Goddamn tickets or I’ll go Bitch all over your face! You ain’t that cute.”

I didn’t actually say that but if I were a hardcore white trash scalper I imagine that is what one would say.

So we head over to our seats and the Kings pretty much deliver the usual polished performance with the added benefit of King of the Rodeo. Caleb was animated and made a comment referring to the fact they were all there just to hear Sex on Fire. He also commented on how they needed to head out to get to their next gig or else they’d play as long as we’d like. Really, how far is Dallas anyway. History has shown comments like this usually mean we are getting a shortened set list or no encore. Prepping us I would say.

Between songs there were some discussions between Nathan, Caleb and Matt, which at that point Caleb checked his watch. (Dude, did you just check your watch, come on! Seriously!) Nathan went right into Trani at that point. About one verse in Caleb stopped the music and claimed he didn’t know the words and then went into Slow Night So Long. They ended with that and came back for an encore for two songs as opposed to their usual 4. (and a tease with the first few chords of Sex on Fire by Caleb as if he was going to play it again, cocky bastard!)

All-in-all it was a good show and The Toyota Center is really impressive. They are good to their fans with 4 songs in an encore so I’m a bit jaded since I have seen them 5 times this year and know that they can really deliver an amazing show. I do think that every song was spot on though. I have no doubt the Houston fans really enjoyed the show.

So that’s it for me, there are only a few shows left on their tour and to be quite honest I think I’ve had my fill. I am looking forward to next year but hope they take a nice long rest and enjoy their time off. I hope Nate and Jessie have the wedding of their dreams and a fabulous honeymoon.

Just a message to the boys, thanks for the music, regardless of what people say about any of it, including me- you guys are talented and have a special gift and I think the music world really needs and needed something unique and original to break through-you are a band with staying power. It may seem trivial, this “worshipping” behavior of a band but in essence it goes beyond that. You’ve created a community, and personally I’ve found interest in music again that’s been lost for a very long time. You have also helped me develop a passion I didn’t know I had in writing. So I thank you for all of that.

Oh and one more thing-if this Dubai thing actually happens, I think that’s the coolest thing you could ever do! Have a blast!

Christinawhite lies

NATHAN in his Nakey shirt

NATHAN in his Nakey shirt

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Jersey Review for Examiner.com

September 20, 2009

Examiner article on Jersey Show.

This is the Examiner version.



Click here for full article Gibson Repair

gibsonThanks Missus Whiskey for finding this article.

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Followill Dreams

August 31, 2009

Please Scroll to the bottom of this post to check of the Dream Glossary.

Lately I’ve been having dreams where one or all of the Followill’s have been involved. I’m chalking it up to all the late night blogging I’ve been doing. I thought I’d share and was hoping you too would share any of your bizarro dreams if you’ve had them (the none erotic ones, thank you very much).


DREAM: Dreamt I was watching TV with Nathan Followill and he kept changing the channel to baseball. It was VERY annoying. Then I tried to put my head on one of his guns and it shot my face off.
WHAT IT MIGHT MEAN: He’s just a regular dude but with a cooler job and I have no chance in hell.


DREAM: All the boys were at my parents house but it was more like a sorority. My Mother kept referring to Jared as the Gay one. Then Caleb came out and beat everyone up for calling Jared Gay. So basically he beat up my Mother and Matt. My Mother is 4’11” and 76 years old, that bastard! Matt had it coming though.


Dreams By Kitty

Ah, good to know am not the only one with regular visits from The Family in my dreams. Why? I think its because we are so close… *snort of laughter*
I dont know what these mean but here are few open for anyone to explain:

Dream: I am shopping in an old fashioned foodshop. As i push my cart around the shop i come to the meat counter. Serving me on the other side is Nathan in a red t-shirt and a butchers apron. He hands me what i ask for over the counter smiling. As i come to the check out line, i see that Annette Bening is the shop girl.
What it might mean: Nathan serving me “meat”…? Well… lets just say i don’t even eat meat as am a vegetarian of 16 years.

: Am in an old house that has not been lived for decades it seems. Everything is covered in dust and spider webs. I clean and Nathan is with me. He cleans too and is very good with the broom, i make a note of that. Wake up when i start cleaning the mucky windows…
What it might mean: …??…

Dream: I sat on my sofa watching telly. Caleb is with me butt nekkid watching telly too. He seems totally fine with his nudeness and suprisingly i pay very little attention to the fact either. Long dream of us just watching telly together.
What it might mean: …

Dream: Serving drinks at a party. Hand over drink to JRod and he smiles and thanks me. The drink is bright red, like juice. Matthew asks for one too. Then Caleb. I start walking around the party looking for Nathan to give him a drink too but can’t find him. Feel very anxious when i wake up before finding him.
What it might mean: …
And all that is just the start. Weird? Maybe… I dunno. x

Queen of Finland

Well i know a little bit about dreams but not much. I will tell u my theory on Nate being a butcher in private, but a house in disrepair represents your physical self or your body. Which makes sense since you were ill for so long. Nate helping you “clean” up your house may be about you getting back to being the healthy and and maybe finding a good relationship. Hence the reason why it was Nate helping you clean since you fancy him most. He just represents any person you may meet in the future as a potential partner.

I know Naked is about feeling exposed or vulnerable but that is usually when it is you. Maybe Caleb was naked because he’s a public figure and we know so much about his life yet he knows nothing about his fans private lives. Hence why you are clothed. He doesn’t know your private side.

I am definitely going to look up couch and tv watching since we both had similar dreams like that. I have no idea about the drink thing and not being able to find Nate but it kind of reminds me of the “can’t find your locker all semester” dream that everyone seems to have at some point in there lives.

Dreams by DebP

I dreamt that my hubby and I were riding around in a pickup with Nathan and one of the male cast members from One Tree Hill (and I don’t even watch that show, so no, I have no idea what character this guy plays). Anyway, we were debating the merits of ketchup and mustard. I shit you not. WEEEEIIIRDDD!!

Really, u mean that’s just not a typical day in the life of Deb P

What do Dreams Mean:

To see or dream that you are in a hospital, symbolizes your need to heal or improve your physical or mental heath. You need to get back to the flow of everyday life. Alternatively, it suggests that you are giving up control of your own body or that you are afraid of losing control of your body.

To dream that you are a doctor, suggests that there is some problem that you need to patch up or some emotional wound that you need to bandage up. You are being supportive to others.

To dream that you are operating on someone, indicates that you are facing some deep issues or dealing with your repressed thoughts.

To see a bomb in your dream, indicates that you may be going through a potentially explosive and trying situation in your waking life. The bomb could represent repressed desires and unexpressed emotions that are likely to explode or burst if not dealt with soon. It could be something within yourself, such as the desire to explode with anger over an issue that’s affecting you.

To dream that you are running away from someone, indicates an issue that you are trying to avoid. You are not taking or accepting responsibility for your actions. In particular, if you are running from an attacker or any danger, then it suggests that you are not facing and confronting your fears

To have a dream that takes place at night, represents some major setbacks and obstacles in achieving your goals. There are some issues in your life that you are facing, but are not too clear. You should put the issues aside so you can clear your head and come back to it later. Alternatively, night may be synonymous with death, rebirth, reflection, and new beginnings

To dream that you are in a market, represents some emotional of physical need that you are currently lacking in your life. You may be in need of nurturance and some fulfillment. Consider the specific items that you are shopping for. Alternatively, the market signifies frugality.

To see your aunt in your dream, represents family characteristics and values. It is a connection to your own heritage. The aunt may also represent aspects of yourself that you like or dislike. She can also be seen as a substitute mother.

To see a basketball in your dream, suggests that you need to make the first move. You also need to concentrate and be more focused in your goals.

To see a pool of water in your dream, indicates that you need to understand and deal with your emotions. You need to dive right in. Alternatively, a pool may indicate your need for cleansing. You need to wash away the past.

To dream that you are climbing up something (ladder, rope, etc.), signifies that you are trying to or you have overcome a great struggle. It also suggests that your goals are finally within reach. Climbing also means that you have risen to a level of prominence within the social or economic sphere.

To dream that you are smoking, indicates that you are trying to shield yourself and others against your emotions. You have trouble letting others in.

To see famous people in your dream, signifies an increase to your prosperity and honor.

To see the dead in your dream, forewarns that you are being influenced by negative people and are hanging around the wrong crowd. You may suffer material loss. This dream may also be a way for you to resolve your feelings with those who have passed on. If you dream of a person who has died a long time ago, then it suggests that a current situation or relationship in you life resembles the quality of that deceased person. The dream may depict how you need to let this situation or relationship die and end it.

To save a child, signifies your attempts to save a part of yourself from being destroyed. If you dream that you are separated from your children, then it symbolizes failure in some personal endeavor or a setback in some ideal you had.

To hear the sound of a loud explosion, but you did not see it, signifies that your troubles will soon be replaced with tranquility after you have overcome some small obstacle.

To dream that you are swimming underwater, suggests that you are completely submerged in your own feelings. You are forcing yourself to deal with your emotional difficulties.

The Ultimate KOL Set List!

August 29, 2009

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the Ultimate Set List
(according to your polls)

Joe’s Head

California Waiting

Spiral Staircase

Molly’s Chambers


Four Kicks

King of the Rodeo


Knocked Up



Black Thumbnail

Frontier City







Cold Desert

TOP 4 Favorite Songs off Each Album

4. Cold Desert OBTN

3. Trani YYMH

2. Arizona BOTT

1. 4 kicks ASH

Thanks everyone (approx 600) for voting! Maybe someday this setlist will happen!


All I can think about now are butterfly kisses and cinnamon. Seems the 2 go very well together in this particular situation. *sigh*

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