Song of the Day

September 12, 2010

Loving this song from DLZ Season 2 Breaking Bad.

My new obsession with the show Breaking Bad, was fueled by Bryan Cranson’s third win in a row at the Emmy’s for best actor. I was intrigued but what all the fuss was so now I find myself obsessed and in the middle of a self-inflicted Breaking Bad Marathon.

The show is about an underpaid, over-qualified High School Chemistry teacher who finds himself faced with terminal lung cancer and a horrible health plan. He puts his superior chemistry skills to work by hooking up with one of his former student flunkies and they both become the #1 crystal meth cook and dealer in Albuqurque New Mexico.

Much like a lot of the great shows that are not on Prime Time television, the soundtrack is awesome. I think this song, played at the ending of Episode 10 Season 2, is a perfect fit for Walter’s coming of Badass Age. Check it out and check out Breaking Bad.

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