The amount of local information sites that are found on the web are growing everyday. Basically these online magazine sites give non-journalists the opportunity to discuss subjects which they are most often experts.

Examiner.com has made a name for itself as the provider of local news and information by the professionals who are experts on the subjects in their town. They cover arts and entertainment, politics, technology and more. Readers are flocking to sites like Associated Content because they want their information from people who know the ins and outs of a product, place or service and they want those people to be local.

More and more news agencies such as CNN and MSN are referring to Examiner writers for their expert opinions on topics in the news. Some may question the writing skills or the non-journalist credentials but the main focus is not how many grammar mistakes there may be but how accurate the information is and you are going to get that from the examiner whose a teacher familiar with bullying in school or the counselor writing articles on raising children with disabilities, or the financial advisor telling you how to handle your money in a recession.

The Examiner editors are screened carefully and are accepting writers upon the level of their writing skills and ability. They are then guided by a channel manager who advises them on their first few articles submitted until they get the hang of the process. There are a lot of examiner’s out there but many are rejected. The process is not an easy one as they want the best they can find to fill that needed role in their community. These internet sources are the wave of the future and are becoming the most popular news source out there. It’s the next wave in this ever-changing world of information overload.

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