The Whigs Fan-site Update

January 22, 2011

So remember the Tumblr fan site I posted for The Whigs recently? Well it just got even BETTER!!! Due to its popularity, the site creator (Carrie or @plum_crazy_ on twitter) just took it up a notch. The fan site is now a full on website complete with member registration, forum and social media capabilities. Now you can mingle with other fans, gush about the boys, and post pics. It’s a great way to organize concert meet-ups too. Carrie will be updating the site often so be sure to join so you don’t miss anything. It’s really awesome! And friend me if you’d like. I’m the first member to join. Just look for the fluffy white dog (Kirby).

Right Hand On My Heart. A fan site for The Whigs.

If you are already a member of CloserToKol then all you have to do is sign into The Whigs site. Webs.com stores your info. So EASY!

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