January 3, 2011

If it wasn’t for John Lennon, we’d all be someplace very different tonight. It’s an unreasonable world, and you get asked to live with a lot of things that are just unlivable.

Bruce Springsteen on John Lennon

Check out the list for artists you should not have missed in 2010. I could easily have written a top 20 list and it was hard to narrow down to 10 but I suggest u check them out cause they are truly amazing. Great year for women artists!

January 3, 2011



January 3, 2011


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MG&V which stands for McCauley, Goldsmith, and Vasquez aka John McCauley(frontman of Deer Tick), Taylor Goldsmith (frontman of Dawes), and Matt Vasquez(frontman of Delta Spirit).

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