David Bowie TOY: Link to full torrent download

In 2001 Bowie made an album of re-recorded lesser known songs and some new songs called TOY. The album was never released because of business and legal issues with his label VIRGIN RECORDS. Now TOY has been mysteriously leaked and Bowie’s people aren’t talking.

Full download through link above.

1 Uncle Floyd 6:13
2 Afraid 3:28
3 Baby Loves That Way 4:47
4 I Dig Everything 4:40
5 Conversation Piece 3:51
6 Let Me Sleep Beside You 3:15
7 Toy 4:51
8 Wood Jackson 4:46
9 Shadow Man 4:42
10 In The Heat of the Morning 3:14
11 You’ve Got a Habit Of Leaving 4:49
12 Silly Boy Blue 5:35


TRIVIA: Bowie does not actually have 2 different color eyes, but one permanently dilated eye. He got in a fight with a childhood friend over a girl and was punched in the eye causing it to be paralyzed.


March 22, 2011


Kurt Vile :: Smoke Ring For My Halo

March 22, 2011


On Set: Jeanne Moreau, Viva Maria 1965

March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011


1920’s-era Paris Stock Exchange in L’Argent/Money (1928, dir. Marcel L’Herbier)

“After a decade of filmmaking, I became obsessed by a single idea: to film at any cost, even (what a paradox!) at great cost, a fierce denunciation of money.”

-Marcel L’Herbier on L’argent, excerpted from his memoir The Head that Turns

March 22, 2011



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