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If you read my blog regularly, you all know i’m a major Sub Pop fan. (hence their own category on here). If you have the opportunity to go to SXSW don’t miss their artists they are ALL good! If i couldn’t go to all their shows and had to only pick 3 bands to see it would be MEMORY HOUSE, THE HEAD AND THE HEART & ┬áLA SERA.

These are some old reviews I wrote on shows the Whigs did at North Star Bar in Philadelphia.

This review was written in December of 2009 when the Whigs were on tour with The Features. it was really crowded and hot but they were mind-blowing. I may or may not have planted some pay-back in a link in the article to get back at them for playing the Braves Chop song on Philly soil. Jokes on me though, I don’t think anyone noticed. LOL!


This show was in April of 2010 and The Whigs and Band of Skulls were co-headlining. I met up with my friend Jen, @mama2mm, we were front and center and Tim and Russ were sweating on us all night. After i left Jen lost her car and ended up meeting the boys on her search. Damn I missed it! We did talk to Julian for a second when buying T-shirts, though.


I’m eagerly awaiting another show in Philly! Please fella’s, come back!!! No more Braves digs, I promise….after this…GO PHILS!!!

Ken and his beard

March 12, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ken and his beard, posted with vodpod

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