‘Oscar’s Best Original Song’ through the years – recap

February 25, 2012

So, if you’ve followed along, I’ve posted some of the best song winners and nominations from over the last 70+ years of Academy Award history. I left out the really early stuff since I figured it wouldn’t hold much interest for my young audience. I didn’t do every year and pretty much stuck with the stuff I thought would be the most interesting and some of my favorites. I tried to use video from the movie since that’s what we are talking about but not all had great sound quality or were available. I stuck in a few that were nominee’s but didn’t win because we’ve either heard them a million times or I thought they would have been a better choice and not picked because they were from the more popular movie. I stopped at around the mid 80’s because the category started to become all about Disney songs and whatever Randy Newman was pumping out year after year. Sorry, not really a fan of either so to me that’s really when the best stuff ended. There’s been some good scores lately but as far as best original song? It’s a virtual cheese factory year after year. This year there seems to only be 2 original songs up for an award and one is from the muppet movie. ?? yeah, well thankfully I only watch to see the pretty dresses and shiny jewelry.

See you on the red carpet on Sunday folks (and by red carpet i mean my red couch in front of the TV)!

Jonny Greenwood


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