All you KOL fans should know I love a good trivia game. If not, well…I LOVE a good trivia game! So I’ve come up with a new one. If you’ve noticed, my header is a loop of fabulous rockers that I love.  A mix of Legends and new artists, men and women, some familiar-some not so familiar. The challenge is on. I’ve taken  the first 11  images from my rotating header and listed them numerically List your answers (numerically) in comments and the winner will get a shout out. Some are pretty easy, some are not so easy. Extra points if you can give me both band member name and band name if they are in one. Have fun! I’ll be posting a few series on this so keep coming back to play. Have fun! and please DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS ON TWITTER OR FACEBOOK. Only in comments on this blog!




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