8 Excuses People Use To Justify Staying In A Crappy Relationship (That Mean The Relationship Isn’t Worth Saving)

March 30, 2015

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George BuchholzGeorge Buchholz

We all do it. We’re in a relationship with a guy or girl and it’s on the cusp between “passable” and “waste of time.” Be we don’t see it that way because we have a crush on the person and we love the idea of love and we’re optimists — we assume things are going to work out. But sometimes this causes us to lose months — or years — of our lives because we aren’t honest with ourselves about the probability of working things out, or even whether we really want them to. Here are some excuses we need to stop giving ourselves that justify putting work into terminal relationships.

1. “We have the same birthday”

It doesn’t have to be this specific detail, but often people get caught up on some weird coincidences they share with their partner as if this means it is a Sign…

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