Celebrity Pools!

June 7, 2015

Nothing is better than summers by the pool. It can be the most extravagant thing we are able to do in our lives, sitting around any pool with friends, music, and tasty beverages, but oh how we deserve it. It seems like if you don’t have a pool in LA or another year round warm climate environment, it’s downright strange not to have a pool. Leave it to celebs to try and outdo the neighbors with the most decadent homes. They are yet another way to show off your success. We’ve found some of the most beautiful pools owned by the well-known and infamous. Whether it’s a deck turned into an outdoor living room, a pool with waterfalls and slides from the bedroom window or a simple infinity pool that blends into nature…somebody in Hollywood has it!

celine-dion-300x194 pool celine dion (hookedonhouses)

Celine Dion Celine Dion’s former home in Miami is a child’s dream! The neverending pool has gazebos, slides and waterfalls everywhere. There is so much to do you could easily never visit the ocean with this extravagant pool in your back yard.

Drakes Grotto

Hugh Hefner has nothin’ on Drake with his own sexy grotto at the home he calls the YOLO estate which he purchased in 2012. Apparently Drake has an obsession with pools and plans to build the biggest residential pool of all times. So stay tuned!

miami ppo cc

Calvin Klein just put his beautiful and minimalist home in Miami up for sale. One of the best features is the infinity pool. Lined with bamboo on either side, the beautiful and natural looking pool is off an enclosed patio that extends the living space of the home. The layout of the pool is breathtaking and gives off a relaxing vibe. The perfect place to let the stress dissolve.

jada and will smith

Jada and Will Smith enjoy their gorgeous pool in LA. The pool looks so much like a natural element you may think it’s a lake in their backyard and not something manmade.


Cher’s Malibu pool looks like something right out of ancient Greece. What a life to not only have such an extravagant pool but with the Pacific Ocean as your view you can not go wrong.

Ah, the pools of the rich and famous. Normal folk may not have such lavish homes, but it’s fun to drop in on the lives of people who do.

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