The Worlds Worst Lawn Ornaments…EVER!

August 8, 2015

Not much can get past a hardcore neighbor association, but some lawn ornaments deserve the strictest penalties of all. Sometimes the more “creative” ornaments can make it through Halloween season or even Christmas, but the majority will put you on the top of the list for a major TPing situation come mischief night. Many people pride themselves on pristine landscaping, others pride themselves on their collection of tacky lawn jockey’s. We’ve found some doozies that will make you glad that these lawn ornament enthusiasts don’t live in your neighborhood.

If you have a neighbor with some “interesting” ornaments in your neighborhood, please do us a favor and share a picture with us. We secretly LOVE this stuff!

This lawn ornament seems to find it’s way on many a dog haters lawn. There’s nothing more adorable than a puppy poop pose, am I right?  

praying mantis
A new twist on the scarecrow, perhaps.

Some fabulous gam’s causing a stir among the hoity-toity in Sag Harbor. Don’t people know art when they see it?

tigar tail
A giant deformed carrot? Someone should have the soil tested

drunk mexican
America, making great strides with stereotypes through the use of lawn jockey’s.

When the lights go out at night, they come to life!

Zombie gnomes enjoying a light flamingo snack

Perusing Match.com for the Princess that will turn him into a Prince with one kiss.

ccow tip
This cow tipping game is way too easy


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