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Caleb Followill at Made in America 2014

Tommy Ramone Drummer From Punk Band ‘the Ramones’ Dies From Bile Cancer.


Why the heck did somebody think it was okay to deface the Kurt Vile mural?


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Top Five American Themed Songs for the Best Fourth of July Playlist.

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Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 Recovers From Near Death Due to Heavy Drinking.




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Scientific research has reported that music with a definitive beat and rhythm is able to stimulate brain waves to synchronize with the beat.

  • Faster beats are shown to bring a sharper concentration and improved alertness.
  • Slow tempos ease the brain’s wave and lead to a calm state.
  • Additional research has shown that music’s ability to shift the brain waves’ activity levels allows the brain to shift speeds on its own, meaning the positive benefits to your brain last well after you have stopped listening to the music.
  • These findings make it clear why it is now common to see positive results when playing music to sharpen the focus of children with ADD.
  • Music is one of the few activities in life that utilizes the entire brain.
  • Music can distract, provide control and cause people’s mind, breathing and heart rate to relax.

– See more at: http://www.chacha.com/gallery/3776/why-is-music-good-for-your-health#sthash.vM4ZBwZq.dpuf

Patti Smith: Mourning Lou Reed : The New Yorker.

Lou Reed’s wife, Laurie Anderson, pens poetic obituary.

Mumford & Sons Cancel Tour Dates After Bassist Undergoes Brain Surgery : People.com.

I’d love to go to Nashville this Summer. Holly makes it seems like a dream. She always posts the best pictures and scrumptious food. She truly is an authentic southern gal.

2013 Summer in the South by Southern Living

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Aubrey Ireland, College Student, Wins Restraining Order Against Helicopter Parents.

At a much lesser extent, i can relate to this.

Oh HELL, no!

Mr. Bacon and Monsieur Tofu: 18 Bizarre Kids’ Toys – mom.me.


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So the much-anticipated fragrance by Lady Gaga called “Fame”, came out today. It’s a black fluid that turns clear once it hits the air. It’s packaged in an egg-shaped container with gold hardware.  In my opinion, much like Gaga’s music, video’s, and personae; it doesn’t really go together. You have this alien looking bottle with hard edges and black liquid, filled with a scent that resembles Children’s cherry flavored Tylenol. It’s just typical GaGa and even her non-musical efforts are becoming predictable.  The fact is bubble gum wrapped in black and barbed-wire still tastes like bubble gum, time for something new, sister. Or how about, time for something authentic.

Recap of the XPoNential Music Festival online – Philadelphia Social Media | Examiner.com.

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