May 18, 2009



1. JROD-Bass Player/FireStarter
2. PSA: The Cautions of Too Much Hair Product
3. See what happens when u try to shake off the Hotness? Can’t be done!
4. Nate may have the KaPOW but I got the ShaZAAM!
5. Skull and Brains? Oh No, Fire and Brimestone!
6. I guess that wasn’t swimmers ear
7. When I asked for the Heatmeiser hairdo I didn’t mean literally!
8. I am the Bass GOD of HAIR Fire!!!
9. Heads on Fire…(sorry had to do that one)
10. RECALL ALERT: Apparently there is an issue with the lighting mechanism with the LIDS ON FIRE 420 SERIES…please return to the nearest Head Shop immediately!
11. Followill House of Hair…Our toupe’s are guaranteed to sustain any natural or man made disaster! Just watch this video…but wait there’s more…if u order now we will include a beard extender at no additional charge. Sick of waiting for that patchy growth to fill in? Then the beard extender may be just what you are looking for! Look how lush and full not to mention REAL Caleb’s beard looks! Call now while supplies last!



  1. Jay Says:

    I gotta show this clip to my lil’ nephew Callum. He loves Caleb, but I suspect he thinks he (Caleb) has lost his balls a bit since the days of Charmer, when Callum was 3 and Caleb was ‘the Man Who Screams’.

  2. Jenna Says:

    my 1 second of fame!!!


    • Jay Says:

      Cool, I’m gonna go look! I didn’t know you were at the shoot, Jenna. Link me to the blog post Liz mentioned?

      I’ve put the Notion vid up on my Multiply site btw, if anyone wants a download link let me know.

  3. See Jenna’s 1 sec. of fame in the NOTION video which u can find on my Vod Pod. She’s at 1:49 and whatever u do DON’T BLINK

  4. Liz Says:

    Yay Jenna !! So happy that u made it – u & Kings (or Caleb) imortalised on film 4ever..very cool honey!! It reminds me of the genious blog u wrote about the days at the video shoot..I almost felt I was there with u šŸ™‚ Plus u have those AMAZING photos of u & Jared (with his beard when it was new)…where u could totally mistake u for a couple!! U rock girl!! R U planning on going to the show in Nashville they just announced in October after ACL?
    I love the video but I must admit I didn’t think there was quite enough shots of Matthew…its all about Caleb but its a cool video.

  5. feliw Says:

    Yay Jenna! And Chrissie you have me laughing so hard! I have watched this clip over and over and I never noticed the explosion of fire so close to Jared’s hair because well…erm…I was watching the scream…oh the scream. I keep watching this clip. I can’t help myself. He he

  6. This will definitely be updated often as I keep thinking up BRILLIANT one liners for this. Poor Ponyboy, he is the latest victim in my attack on the Followills. I can’t help it, he gives me too much material. Besides, Caleb and Nathan need a little rest from my wrath. Matthew is in cue though, come on MattMatt, stop being the geetar God and give me some material!!! Bad haircut, ill fitting outfit, in a speedo on some european beach, something!!!! Don’t make me dig out pics from the platinum blonde phase!!

  7. Mandy Says:

    Ah that’s so funny!!! The timing is just impeccable – Ponyboy should be proud to be the Bass God of Hair Fire, PROUD!!

  8. Jenna Says:

    Liz, sorry I am just now reading your response! Love the video too, but I agree, not enough of the other boys. I would’ve enjoyed more ponyboy close-ups. Did like his shots playing bass against the wall, though. ow! I will not be attending any of the Fall tour this year. I will be in europe-keeping in touch with all of you girls!

  9. mama2mm Says:

    I love the comments about Jared and his hair! When I met him in Philly, it was raining and about 40 degrees. There’s Jared and his Johnny Bravo hair. I was in awe of it holding up, so smart ass me says, “Damn Jared, how do you get it to hold up in the rain?” The silly boy answered me as though I was sincerely interested in the process and proceeded to tell me all about what hair products he uses.

  10. That boy has one of the best toupe’s in the business! Able to sustain all sorts of weather conditions, pushes a button and it changes color, and to top it off it shoots fire! Amazing!!! Hmmm i’m starting to think of a new line to put in this post……the wheels are turning….stay tuned!

  11. hmmm…Followill’s House of Hair may have to take on a post of its own…this could be good.

    • mama2mm Says:

      Haha, the Followill House of Hair deserves it’s own post!
      I would venture to say it should be made into an artsy coffee table book.

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