Reflections On A Teenage Award Show

June 1, 2009


All great fun but I couldn’t help be reminded how out of touch I am with the TV and movie world. My various unhealthy addictions to social media and longhaired rock stars leaves no time and I’m thinking maybe that’s a good thing. Regardless, there were really funny moments and totally lame moments so lets recap shall we?

What is the appeal of RPattz? Does anyone else see the resemblance to a man hit in the face by a frying pan? His head seems incredibly large to me as well, and I’m not talking as a metaphor for his ego, I’m talking literally. Is it true vampires cannot see there own reflections in a mirror?

Leanne Rimes singing Jizz in my pants? What!!! Perfect casting!!! Keyboard Cat? Genius! Screw Eminem, Keyboard cat would’ve been better.

Explosions, great but the addition of JJ Abrahams on Keyboard solo, oh the irony…and a performance a lot less dorky then you would think.

The popcorn head guys in the gold unitards were disturbing, who was the fey that came up with that idea? How cool was Bruno with his freakishly funny boundary pushing, incredibly uncomfortable yet sidesplitting antics? Love it! Aww, his poor ball-sack, but how appropriate he landed on Vanilla Ice who could hook him up with Ice Ice Baby…right?!

I think Kristen Stewart should take a note from Ashley Tisdale and Sandra Bullock’s excellent choice in footwear! Those puppies rocked! Gorgeous and sexy with a touch of sluttiness…kudos to both of you ladies, you looked fabulous.

Kiefer Sutherland, stick to drama. Jim Carrey, Prop 8 joke good, Swine Flu joke bad. Catherine Hardwicke what the hell were you wearing, all that outfit said was, “had to go commando.”

I would like to reflect a little on Zac. First off I would like to apologize for not giving him a chance. I admit I wrongly judged him because of his performance in HSM (which I never saw). But, I have come to the conclusion that he is freaking adorable and if I were 3 years younger…oh boy! Although I wish someone had lent him their mirror cause the hair in his eyes was driving me crazy.

I was able to catch the Kings performance before the live stream cut out on me, which of course they rocked. Caleb looked like he was having fun and I must say I LOVED his outfit. So much better then his DAD sweater. It looked like he stepped away from the swimmer killers he usually wears and pulled out a roomier pair of pants. I thought they looked great, they gave him “some what” of an ass. I’m all about the ass. I love a nice ass. Did I mention his ass? The beard is prrrrrfect. As I reflect on Jared’s performance (and by performance I mean his hotness) this evening, I have to say I absolutely love the Chace Efron look. It’ s much better then the RPattz look he use to be sporting. Matt rocked the guitar as usual and Thank God Nathan left the sleeves at home. I was disappointed I didn’t get to see what the ladies wore but maybe we’ll see pictures later. I’m sure they did not disappoint.

Well all in all it was a great promotional “Twilight: New Moon” 2 hour long commercial and I think that Andy Samberg did a great job. I’m sure they are all off having a fabulous Hollywood time but I’m off to bed and quite content at home with my real boobs, my tanless body and my live cat to write my little tales and my little clue games.


2 Responses to “Reflections On A Teenage Award Show”

  1. Queen of Finland Says:


    You do make me laugh dear.
    Out of the names you mention there i THINK i know who Sandra Bollock (hmmm…) is and that Carrey guy is the one with the stretchy face, right? So yeah, no worries, you are on the ball baby and am the one looking the wrong way during the match… Just waiting for the ball to drop aka hit me on the back of the head. But c´omon, how is all that Hollywood stuff interesting anyways?!
    I´m gonna stick close to the real source of style tips and humour – oh and good music too 😉 – the long haired rocker types. Althou, lets just say that Caleb and the baby mullet should have been seperated at birth. That one is a match made in rural Tennesee and should be left for the bonfires of private nature ONLY. Still he was smoking last night in his baggy pants – the first thing i noticed too, how creepy are we? 😉
    And one more thing and then i promise i´ll go away, NayNay whould have forgotten the whole top home. All am saying.
    Well done once more Ms.Writer.
    Luv, Your Nbr1 Fan xx

  2. feliw Says:

    Another great review! And I am so glad you pointed out the R Pattz frying pan face. Love you for that! I just used to call him smushy face. I don’t get it. I am a huge Cam Gigandet and Jackson Rathbone fan though. Cam & Rob won for best fight. Cam is yummy and I am sad he had to die in the first film. I loved Leann Rimes singing Samberg’s song and I loved keyboard cat. I have a crush on Samberg now. He was so adorable throughout the whole thing.
    Oh and yes those popcorn men were seriously creepy! But I already find people in costumes where I can’t see their face very scary. And Zac Efron is getting cuter by the minute. I did happen to like the hair in the eyes though.
    Oh and the Kings did a great job. I loved it when Caleb smiled at Nathan or Matt near the beginning of the song. They were great. And yes I noticed the new pants too and I love it. I actually want to steal his black peacoat I love it so much. I would wear just the peacoat with Tisdale’s shoes and…hehe oops. Gone off on a tangent and I will stop there!

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