Warning! Contains Graphic Images…

July 18, 2009

It’s like a decapitation…It’s impossible to look away, the horror!

you will be missed

you will be missed

It was a brave death my friend. You may be gone but you will live eternally through the music. Rock On!


6 Responses to “Warning! Contains Graphic Images…”

  1. Laisa Says:

    is it the real one?

  2. Jenna Says:

    wow. this is so personal. glad to have seen the last of it.

  3. Kattis Says:

    That ES 325 was so beautiful and sounded great too. It will be missed, by me at least. He looks good in red though!

  4. vicky lewis Says:

    Indeedy, Caleb’s chinny growth has become the ultimate of all things hursuit..stop right there! EXACTLY! Yup,..that’s the ultimate in follicle perfection…long live the ‘ beardy, red one!’

  5. mama2mm Says:

    This hurts. My husband repairs new and vintage guitars and said he could have easily fixed it.

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