R I P Gibson

July 10, 2009

Apparently Caleb ended the life of his beloved Gibson at T in the Park.
May you rest in peace Geetar and may you finally get the girl in your next life.

Oh and let’s not forget the Drum. Kind of getting the Farrah Fawcett short end of the recognition stick.

RIP to you too!

They say death comes in 3’s, Matthew take note! At least Jared has more then one Bass.



21 Responses to “R I P Gibson”

  1. mama2mm Says:

    What happened to the Gibson?? What did I miss?

    • Allegedly, Caleb’s guitar got caught in the mic when he tried to kick it over. I think he was struggling with it then he smashed it into Nathan’s Drums then threw the neck of the guitar out into the crowd. This was all said on Twitter so I have no idea whether this is exactly what happened.

  2. I just took a moments silence for the Gibson.

    I can’t even imagine him without it….

    …. Omg, that may be the saddest thing Ive ever said.

    • I have immediately started memorial arrangements. Gathering a plethora of guest guitars to contribute. It will be a closed casket though to due to the unfortunate dismemberment.

  3. Deb Says:

    Dont worry lovely Leb, you can always play me x

  4. Kari Says:

    <> He smashed his vintage ES-325… I’m weeping bucket loads – that guitar will never feel his finger tips again. RIP beautiful Gibson, gone but we won’t forget.

  5. Liz Clarke Says:

    No way – just heard about the death of Caleb’s beat up baby!!
    I will be wearing black all weekend in its honor!!

  6. feliw Says:

    Oh no not his guitar! They go together so well. I am hoping that just the neck broke. I know he smashed it into Nathan’s drum set but if the body of it was not too damaged he can get a new neck for it. They come apart that way. Hoping. Have to take a moment of silence. Chrissie, will you be giving the eulogy?

  7. Jennifer Says:

    I think we’re okay on the “death in 3s” thing, as long as murder counts. Jared killed his bass in Sydney, so hopefully our lovely Matthew is safe.

  8. Liz Clarke Says:

    Fuck!!!! Chrissie I cannot believe that little bugger snuck in a proper ‘Spiral Staircase-esque’ bass frenzy wig out like our fav live clip from Bonaroo?? Will we ever get 2 witness Jared playing spazz bass shapes again?? Maybe he can only spazz bass Down Under? I witnessed 3 sold out frenzied shows at the O2 in London & there was no bass spazz whatsover – not a hint the little bugger. He is just getting cooler than a cucumber onstage by the minute – starting 2 face the audience whilst playing was always one u could tell he was working on but I do worry that spazz bass Jared is no more 😦

    I am stilled stunned by the murder of Caleb’s Gibson – I mean if I hadn’t heard him actually say he would always try other guitars over the years & once he started playin’ a Kings song he realised it only sounded like Kings thru that Gibson & so he would always go back 2 it. And now its gone …. & Nacho wasn’t there,,,these big festivals are the first time they r playing without Nacho especially knowing he has never missed a show! Caleb must be spinning out a bit – they’ve all been working so hard they deserve a break. I hate all this negative bullshit that I read about them at the moment. That they r getting an attitude…I mean gimmee a break – they r the headline band at all these festivals – they deserve a bit of special treatment, they bloody earned it!!
    Plus ever since Noel Gallagher got pushed off the stage in Toronto by some nutter at the Oasis gig (it was on You Tube)
    I noticed somewhere he said it really spooked & bothered him when he saw that so I’m sure that adds to his anxiety playing these massive festivals – and there are dicks out there, cause at a recent festival gig Nathan tweeted they had 2 finish up early cause Caleb had got hit in the face by some loser that threw a bottle from the audience – at his face!! That’s friggin dangerous – u could blind someone!! Why was that prick even doing watching them if he didn’t like them. People like that really annoy me! So rant over – I want the press to lay off ’em 4 a bit….& how dare NME call them opening with ‘Be Somebody’ at T in the Park at the weekend as ‘them thinkin’ they r invincible by opening the set with such a mediocre song!! I mean F U NME hack – Kings fans LOVE that song, it’s amazing the lyrics are some of Caleb’s best rhyming couplets as well as damn sexy lyrics – I mean come on ladies pleeeese
    ‘I loosen my tie’ or ‘I shake it your way’….or the just sublime ‘Countin’ on the night for a beautiful day’. My point…well I guess it’s a bit late in the day to be lettin’ ya know I don’t think I really have one….But it just annoys the hell out of me when NME make out like they made them then start bitching about them yet still put Caleb on the cover of the recent T In the Park issue to effectively sell more copies yet the cover ‘feature’ turns out 2 be a flimsy live review by some cloth eared journalist??…Sorry I’m ranting again – I’m just stressing about them all 4 some reason. Hope they are all taking a break. Just had 2 get it out there πŸ™‚

  9. Liz Clarke Says:

    Oh & I almost forgot – the main reason I am now boycotting NME is when describing our Matty at the Manchester show they liken him to a ‘Barney Rubble’ lookalike!! I mean thats just nasty – Matt might read that…It would piss me of if I were him…
    I wish more people realised how cool Matty is !! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, Liz honey. We all love Matty and NME blows….now DEEP breath!…and release…
      ; )

      I love your passion and I’m sure the boys do too. R U sure u don’t work for them?

      • Liz Clarke Says:

        U r not the first person 2 say that oh dear I don’t think thats a good sign; but yeah, I wish!! Bit embarrasing when that happens – I just reread what I wrote & I was so angry I missed out words completly!! That hilarious & rather worrying!!

        Of course I don’t have 2 tell u that it was the Barney Rubble remark that made me see red!! Jus sayin’ πŸ™‚

      • Girl u know I love a good rant! Loved every sentence…we all have a common interest here and it’s the perfect forum to let it fly!
        You will get a lot of peeps with the same feeling. This is why I love blogging and I also love fan reviews because of the open opinion. Journalists either are disinterested, want to cause a stir to get readers so they dis the band they are reporting on, or are flat out boring. I know what I like and I don’t need a reporter telling me that i should like the old stuff more or who they are or how they’ve changed…they don’t know. There are very few articles that i have read that haven’t gotten one of the boys names wrong or paired them with the wrong instrument. I rarely read that stuff anymore. I don’t believe anything. If i do buy it, it’s for the pics. I’ll only watch the interviews on TV basically cuz it’s coming out of there mouth, and thats for any band.

        I also think I am just starting to see how this touring has got to be grueling, really for anyone. I cannot stand a plane ride just when I’m going on one trip let alone a tour for a year. I DREAD flying, not cuz I’m scared but because i hate how it makes me feel. I’m terrible with motion sickness and without a doubt will throw up or come close. Just that reasot n alone would kill me, so I can only imagine…exhausting.

        And the comments about Matt? F em’, he’s hot we all know it..,nuff said

  10. steveooo Says:

    calebs es-325 is fixed πŸ™‚

    http://i28.tinypic.com/t6ozzq.jpg this is from lollapalooza, like a week after t in the park. he only played 2 songs on it, but the beauty is back.

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