On Nate and His Breakfast of Champions: Beer

August 3, 2009

A Whiskey Missus Quote:
Beer for breakfast does have some unfortunate side effects. Believing you can drum with air sticks, for one:


And might I say OH MAH GAH…


3 Responses to “On Nate and His Breakfast of Champions: Beer”

  1. Queen of Finland Says:

    Dear Nathan,

    I write this to you in the hopes that you might hear me & take note…


    I take no responsibility for my actions after this, if you continue to parade around in public looking very much like Michaelangelo’s Nay’vid… erm, sorry David, and intentionally exposing the Guns on me. Its wrong and you know it.
    The phatetic attempt to disguise your rocking bod with the scarf, p-hur-leez..! You’d have to be wrapped in it from head to toe and still, STILL, the mere shape of your assless body would send me to hell and back. You know this, also, you cocky bastard…
    So be warned and for the love of sweet baby jesus, take note.
    All i ask of you.
    Oh and that you’ll do me over and over and over again…

    Yours, Kitty xx

    PS. No need to call before you come over!

  2. Liz Clarke Says:

    Kitty – what I just read must be in the top 3 of your numerous & excellent ode’s to Nathan but to be fair to you I really can’t quite BELIEVE those Today shots either – I mean he almost seems hypnotised by his own amazing aura of Nathan in one..that far off look he does so effortlessly…the guns….the locks….he’s almost like some kind of drumming superhero!! Anyone know who the dude in armour on his t-shirt is ?? I apologise in advance 4 being thick & not knowing who it is if, you know – I should? I bet Fels knows?!! 🙂

  3. Queen of Finland Says:

    Suddenly am quite interested in what the other two in the top three are Lizzie-Lu..? 😉 *snicker* x

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