Michelangelo's Nathan

July 24, 2009

F*ck David! Now this is a Masterpiece!

Michelangelo's Nathan

Michelangelo's Nathan

I truly feel this may not only  be one of my best pieces of work
but also an all time low for me. Yes, I admit it,
Houston we have a problem.
I’ll beat all of you to it…I have way to much time on my hands.
Oh Well…even with a bad perm Guns McDraw is a hotty.

Ode to the Beard…

July 21, 2009

• • • • •


Some of you may have noticed I put this one on
both my blogs but really can you blame me?


Gaylord Focher? Is that you? The name totally makes sense now.

screams nipples

I can’t seem to get past the nipple it’s screaming at me.
He really should get that mole checked out. Barf!


It’s a whole new play on the weave


That may be a Dr. Seus character but not
quite sure which one. The pink tux is bringing back
some bad prom memories.


Marty attempts to fool his English Professor
so he can catch up on some much needed rest during class.

• • • • •

and that is all..I created a similar post on my NTYTLD blog
subject: Tattoo’s

It’s like a decapitation…It’s impossible to look away, the horror!

you will be missed

you will be missed

It was a brave death my friend. You may be gone but you will live eternally through the music. Rock On!

R I P Gibson

July 10, 2009

Apparently Caleb ended the life of his beloved Gibson at T in the Park.
May you rest in peace Geetar and may you finally get the girl in your next life.

Oh and let’s not forget the Drum. Kind of getting the Farrah Fawcett short end of the recognition stick.

RIP to you too!

They say death comes in 3’s, Matthew take note! At least Jared has more then one Bass.


Thanks for being so patient people! It was quite a project, over 500 albums were submitted. ALL have been counted and organized and the results are in. I think it’s safe to say Kings of Leon fans have excellent taste!

top 10 album covers flt

Some of you inquired about the top 10 song list I previously asked you to contribute to. I am taking another route and letting WordPress and Poll Daddy do the work for me. If you vote on the poll that I posted recently I will conclude your top songs once I post all the KOL albums and their songs. It is just way too time consuming for me to list, organize, calculate and post all that on my own.
Stay Tuned!

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