Houston Oct. 6 2009

October 14, 2009

Laundry with Harry
The 3hr drive to Houston is pretty uneventful and a visual bore-fest but an easy enough journey. I finally saw my first Longhorn which was quite exciting. I practically sent my sleeping passengers through the roof of the car when I screamed, “Look Longhorns!!!” Hey man, I never saw them before or at least ones with skin.

We got to the hotel; a Holiday Inn Express situated a mere block from the Toyota Center and complete with laundry facilities and each room equipped with microwave, fridge and coffee maker, you couldn’t ask for more.

Thank God for the laundry facilities because everything I owned was filthy. I gathered my wash and headed to the laundry room. The door had been propped open by a tiny vending machine Tide box so I kicked it out of my way and let the door slam behind me.

2 Young fella’s gave a knock at the door, no doubt the alleged door proppers, so I let them in and they manage to grumble out a “thanks”. They both start examining the contents of the dryer and as one held their industrial size Hefty bag the other proceeded to fill it with the dried clothes. As they conversed I detected a British accent and thought, hmmm, could this be…

I continued stuffing the washer with all my crap, hoping to get the most out of a $1.00 wash and then tried to tackle the obviously jammed laundry detergent vending machine.
“God Damn it you Mother F*cker,” I less then mumbled.
Finally I turned to the abandoned Tide prop box and said the the young Brit.
“is this yours,”
“Yes, but we aren’t using it, you can have it,” he replied.
“Aw, thanks, you rock!” oh God yes I did say “you rock”, ugh.
As he and the other dude left (tall blonde a bit grumpy), I thanked him again and he responded, “No worries!”
I’m sure it was more out of fear of the cursing crazy woman trying to beat up a vending machine that he gave me the detergent but it was very nice of him.

So that was my laundry encounter with Harry McVeigh, the lead singer to White Lies. The band that opened for Kings of Leon. Unfortunately I’m sure it was a bit lost on me because I know a lot of other people who would have appreciated the encounter as I don’t really follow them but I do think they are talented.

For all the people who search “how tall is Harry McVeigh” and end up on my site, I can tell you not very. I’d say somewhere between 5’6 and 5’8, but he is adorable, skinny, and has flawless skin. Much cuter in person.

The show

So one of my travel partners was able to hook us up with somewhat better seats then we had and best of all they were free. So I had posted earlier in the week our original tkts on Craigslist and was able to sell all 4 tickets. One of the girls who purchased 2 tkts was a royal pain in the ass. She showed up in major Hooker shoes and made me wait around while she called friends after the original person bailed on her. She actually called me and said,

“Hey Bitch, I’m in my car reapplying my makeup…”

“Bitch, Who you callin’ Bitch, I ain’t your Bitch-Get your ass out here and pay for these Goddamn tickets or I’ll go Bitch all over your face! You ain’t that cute.”

I didn’t actually say that but if I were a hardcore white trash scalper I imagine that is what one would say.

So we head over to our seats and the Kings pretty much deliver the usual polished performance with the added benefit of King of the Rodeo. Caleb was animated and made a comment referring to the fact they were all there just to hear Sex on Fire. He also commented on how they needed to head out to get to their next gig or else they’d play as long as we’d like. Really, how far is Dallas anyway. History has shown comments like this usually mean we are getting a shortened set list or no encore. Prepping us I would say.

Between songs there were some discussions between Nathan, Caleb and Matt, which at that point Caleb checked his watch. (Dude, did you just check your watch, come on! Seriously!) Nathan went right into Trani at that point. About one verse in Caleb stopped the music and claimed he didn’t know the words and then went into Slow Night So Long. They ended with that and came back for an encore for two songs as opposed to their usual 4. (and a tease with the first few chords of Sex on Fire by Caleb as if he was going to play it again, cocky bastard!)

All-in-all it was a good show and The Toyota Center is really impressive. They are good to their fans with 4 songs in an encore so I’m a bit jaded since I have seen them 5 times this year and know that they can really deliver an amazing show. I do think that every song was spot on though. I have no doubt the Houston fans really enjoyed the show.

So that’s it for me, there are only a few shows left on their tour and to be quite honest I think I’ve had my fill. I am looking forward to next year but hope they take a nice long rest and enjoy their time off. I hope Nate and Jessie have the wedding of their dreams and a fabulous honeymoon.

Just a message to the boys, thanks for the music, regardless of what people say about any of it, including me- you guys are talented and have a special gift and I think the music world really needs and needed something unique and original to break through-you are a band with staying power. It may seem trivial, this “worshipping” behavior of a band but in essence it goes beyond that. You’ve created a community, and personally I’ve found interest in music again that’s been lost for a very long time. You have also helped me develop a passion I didn’t know I had in writing. So I thank you for all of that.

Oh and one more thing-if this Dubai thing actually happens, I think that’s the coolest thing you could ever do! Have a blast!

Christinawhite lies

NATHAN in his Nakey shirt

NATHAN in his Nakey shirt

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4 Responses to “Houston Oct. 6 2009”

  1. Tricia1013 Says:

    So the hooker shoed girl was the reason we couldn’t meet up before the show??? What a biatch!!! I really wish we could have. Really enjoyed your review.

  2. Jay Says:

    What the hell is Caleb’s little finger gesture at the beginning of On Call? Dude looks autistic. Meanwhile, Nathan looks naked.

    Here’s hoping this is the beginning of an occasional series on It Ain’t Hemingway: “Laundrey with the Stars!” šŸ™‚

  3. Jay Says:

    p.s. or “Laundry with the Stars!” if I wasn’t too tired to spell correctly.

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