June 14, 2012

I thought this was a great article on bullying. I recently got a hateful/bullying anonymous letter from someone in the middle of a personal struggle I was going through. Someone who was supposed to be supportive but couldn’t handle the severity of my situation. Instead of  owning up to it they sent this letter. It was much worse than this incident but I felt the writers point was spot on about how we should treat one another. Women seem to be really harsh to one another. A few years ago I traveled with a few women who also fell into catty bully behavior towards me and even carried it beyond the trip. It was sad and pathetic and it was as if they were back in middle school. Why do women feel a need to treat one another in this way? It’s difficult enough just getting through life, we should support one another, not make condescending remarks or share photographs of one another mocking the person you don’t like. If you are such a coward you can’t even sign your name to such an angry letter then obviously you know your actions are wrong.  All I can say is, look at your own life before you start bullying people. Clearly, there is something you aren’t happy with if you feel the need to attack others. It’s sad and pathetic. How do you REALLY feel when you’re doing it? Not so good, I’m sure.



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