I mean come on!

July 30, 2012

…why bother. Do you blame me ladies? Brought to you by “Conversations with Chrissie and Carrie”.

again stolen from ben runyan. thanks dude

What We Learned From James Murphy’s ‘Fallon’ Chat and Jam | SPIN | Newswire | TV.

I stole this from Ben Runyan’s FB page cuz it was too funny. Thanks bro bro @cityrain


Full on sprint around my house, hands in the air hootin like a wild woman when I saw the announcement for a tour come across my time line. Now after a good 2o minutes of wheezing and trying to catch my breath, I figure it’s the perfect time to bring back Whigs Wednesday and post all the dates for their show. See you in Philly, boys!!  Woo Hoo!! JULIAN!!!



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