For a Friend (RIP Deb Charlton)

May 6, 2009

(This is a repost of a post I wrote many years ago about Deb Charlton who died this past Wednesday. I thought I’d share it one more time.)

I have been a music fan my whole life but growing up the bigger the star the more likely you and your friends would both be fans. Never was there any kind of music connection as there is today. Back then if you liked country you were probably southern, if you liked rock and roll you were probably a teenager, if you liked R&B you were probably black, and if you liked Bruce you were probably from New Jersey. There were no indie bands or indie stations there was not much diversity at all. I think one of the smartest things that bands like Pearl Jam and KOL have done is to include these social networks onto their websites.

I first went on to the KOL site before the MSG concert. I perused the site and contributed to the blogs and quickly made friends. As we all know it’s taken us Yanks awhile to catch onto the greatness of the Kings. The really cool thing about that is the amazing friends I have made from across the pond. This brings me to why I’m writing you this story; to tell you about my dear friend Deborah Charlton.

Debs was one of the very first people I connected with, she praised me for my funny stories and loved my play-by-play commentary about the MSG show. She explained that due to a liver condition she was in a wheelchair and if she could she would attach a jetpack to the back of her chair so she could hover over the stage while the band played. I instantly loved her after playing that visual in my head. My kinda gal. We quickly became friends and have pretty much spoken via the Internet every day since.

Debs is a single mother of a beautiful 11yr old named Amber. Deb had a liver transplant a few years back but it has since failed and she awaits another to be available. She recently started taking shots that help reduce the swelling of her organs so she can breathe properly and be strong enough to receive a second transplant. From what I understand, the shots are equivalent to Chemo and leave Deb very ill. She isn’t having much luck with the shots. She feels they aren’t working and have more of a negative result for her.

Debs was recently selected by the Willow Foundation to receive a special occasion of her choosing. This is much like the Make A Wish Foundation who grants wishes to the terminally ill, an organization probably more familiar with Americans. Deborah has chosen to see the Kings of Leon at the O2 on the 30th of June. I don’t think there’s anything else I need to say about how big of a fan she is after writing that.

The dress has been purchased and the new red shoes have been described in perfect detail to her KOL friends, and I have no doubt we are all just as excited for her as she is for herself. There is no one who deserves this more then Debs. She truly is the sweetest, kindest, most positive and freakishly funny people I have ever known. Many nights have been spent up late; me due to insomnia she because the morphine makes her wired; doubled over with laughter unable to complete a sentence. The next day I would always receive an email from my precious friend thanking me for our late night gabs that made her feel better. How she’s able to make me feel so special when she is going through so much pain is amazing.

Deb has found much strength and love among the KOL community and I truly feel her love for the music and the friends she has made have kept her going. We need Deb to be strong and get through this tough time so she becomes well enough to even receive the liver she so greatly needs. All I ask of you is to pray pray pray. Whatever you believe or not believe we need to send positive words and thoughts her way. Believe me, when I tell you this is a special person. If you ever meet her or talk to her online you are truly lucky. My wish for Debbie is to be standing at the concert with her daughter by her side dancing away in her red shoes and sexy denim dress looking as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside with nothing but a bright and healthy future with many many concerts ahead of her.

Please leave Debbie a comment here, on the KOL site, her facebook page, or twitter.

Thank you!

Debs friend Christina

xoxo xoxo

Debbie and her Daughter Amber

Debbie and her Daughter Amber

facebook friends of Debs check out her info page for additional contact information.

Information on the Willow Foundation


9 Responses to “For a Friend (RIP Deb Charlton)”

  1. Feli Says:

    Thank you so much Chrissie for this. When I first joined the KOL site I wrote a blog and Deb was the first to respond and give me the kindest thoughts on what I had written. She is so easy to connect with and love. One of the best things I have done is join the KOL site and a couple others because I have met so many amazing people. Deb is one of them. She is so witty and charming and I absolutely love her humor. Seriously, I bust a gut at some of her jokes. Going to send many prayers her way. Thank you!

  2. lisa tierney Says:

    What a strong wonderful woman. I could only hope to be as strong and positive under the circumstances. My thoughts, prayers, and positive energy are with you. I haven’t had the pleasure of chatting with you Deb, but I will make sure I do. Chrissie you are such a great supportive person and I’m glad to have connected with you. This blog has brought tears to me eyes.

  3. Rshadowwizard Says:

    As a 10 year cancer survivor and single mother of a 13 year old son, I have somewhat of a feeling how difficult it is just to get out of bed in the morning when you are going through something like this. I have not personally communicated with Deb, but I do want to wish her all the best and let her know my prayers are with her during this difficult time she is going through. Make the best out of every minute of the day with your family and friends. Laugh, listen to your favorite music and keep on fighting.

  4. Goldie Says:

    Thanx Chrissie, what an amazing blog about an amazing woman!…As with most of us, have only ever spoke to Debs via facebook/ twitter/KOL.com, but hav got to know her very well.
    When i joined KOL, Debs was one of my first friends, as i was new to the whole ‘forum’ thing I didnt really know how to do things…

    She kept contact via posting on my main page and before you know it we are talking as if we have known eachother for years!
    She has become a very special friend to me as have a few more ladies Via KOL….you encluded Chrissie x

    Anyway I am very excited to get the opportunity to meet Debs when she goes to see the kings of leon on the 30th june, and she has promised to hold my hand as its my first concert and im not keen on crowds!….see how thoughtful she is!!!..oh and we have talked about gettin pissed and scooting around London on her wheelchair!!!

    Loving hugs and wishes coming your way
    my dear friend Debs x x x

    Annie *Goldie*

  5. kazfoxy -karen cross Says:

    have only recently met debs on kol, fb and twitter, your piece (which is beautiful and very powerful) sums up to me exactly as she comes across in cyberspace, i am completely in awe of her strength and truly wish she will get the treatment she needs very soon, xx kaz

  6. Chrissie,
    What a wonderful blog!
    You have written down what many of us feel about Deb…beautiful, strong, funny, kind and ….the list goes on!

    We are all praying for her and with her positivity and strength i just KNOW she will soldier on, strong and brave as ever…to be there rocking out to the boys on the 30th!!

    Well done American Girl!…You are really a true friend! xxx

  7. chichi Says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure of talking to Deb, but she sounds like an amazing person. Deb, I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers. Stay strong sweetie!!

  8. Deb Says:

    you are all true friends and we all have our crosses to bare. I had many well wishes but nothing like this in hospital, if I could say 1 thing its never give up on the love of other people, it may not be a physical touch but this has truely touched my heart and soul. ………..All I need now is some hot rumpy pumpy, mmmhummm mmmmmm chrisssy know what the leb love like mmmmmmmm x x x x long live the leb and nay lub x x x

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