Top 10 Favorite Albums of KOL Fans

July 8, 2009

Thanks for being so patient people! It was quite a project, over 500 albums were submitted. ALL have been counted and organized and the results are in. I think it’s safe to say Kings of Leon fans have excellent taste!

top 10 album covers flt

Some of you inquired about the top 10 song list I previously asked you to contribute to. I am taking another route and letting WordPress and Poll Daddy do the work for me. If you vote on the poll that I posted recently I will conclude your top songs once I post all the KOL albums and their songs. It is just way too time consuming for me to list, organize, calculate and post all that on my own.
Stay Tuned!


3 Responses to “Top 10 Favorite Albums of KOL Fans”

  1. feliw Says:

    I love this list. Great taste. None of these were on my list. Haha. But I do love them all and count most among my favorites. My list changes from week to week. It is hard to break it down to 10. I love lists like these. Great idea Chrissie! No female representation though on the list? OK now I am off to think about my top 10 KOL songs. I think this will be even more difficult than my favorite albums list!

  2. feliw Says:

    Oh sweet lord. I need to learn how to read carefully. OK…going to go edit the list I sent you. I am a dork. And I had a ton of fun with this!

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