An Open Letter to Caleb Followill (updated)

February 2, 2009

Dear Caleb:
Honey, I just have one request and believe me I truly do love them. They are very cool and sexy. I have no doubt you take very good care of them. But darlin’, please. I mean they gotta be walking around the house at night by themselves at this point.
Don’t you think its time to retire the boots.

Seriously, haven’t you had them long enough?


CALEB: “Thank you England! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to afford these awesome new Prada boots. I bought them over there in the UK, you know…where Italy is?”

NATHAN:”Shit, this says its the Brit Awards, I thought it was the Academy awards.”

CALEB TO JARED: “Do you think they can tell I just used a darker shoe polish?”

JARED: “Who gives a shit, where the fuck is MY mic? Heads are gonna role! Thank God I found that speech in my jacket pocket left over from the Grammy’s.”

NATHAN: “Thanks Mom and Dad! Love You! BYE (click, dialtone)!”

NATHAN: “Thank you God! Love you! BYE! (click, dialtone)!”


CALEB: “I think I feel the Spanish Inquisiton coming on again….uh oh”

NATHAN: “Damn, Caleb!!!!”

LILY: “All over your new shoes!”

JARED: “They still smell better then the other ones”


NATHAN: “So this isn’t the Oscars and we didn’t win for best Home Movies? When does the next People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive issue come out? I need to get a jump start on that campaign.”

Sweet Jesus they are hot!!!! The boots…and the boys!


3 Responses to “An Open Letter to Caleb Followill (updated)”

  1. Lorraine Day Says:

    Hey Christine,
    Its Weeeooow from the kol fansite. Just checkin out your blog! Again you amaze me…this is creepy…you ARE inside my head!
    Ive been wondering about the boots myself. Part of me thinks..’great, he,s just a normal guy, has a favourite pair of boots…he loves them soooo much that he never takes them off. And its so endearing and cute that he wears them so much unlike the usual consumer whores that must have the latest ‘killed by the watering hole ‘ crocodile skin handbag or $100,00.00 watch encrusted with diamonds[ you all know who you are…beckham, hilton , diddy and the rest of you selfish twats!]……
    On the other hand, Calebs socks must march to the laundry basket on their own, so stinky they must surely be and the feet must stink!!….
    But….Caleb…i wouldnt kick you out of bed , infact i insist you keep the boots on! Along with a cowboy hat, gun……..

  2. Deb Says:

    Just love it, I must give my bro your site address x

  3. Deb Says:

    I still love looking at that pic. I recorded them at the Oxygen gig and watch it everyday, my eyes are always drawn to Calebs shoes! When I went to see them at Newcastle I was doing the same thing OMG Iv got a shoe fetish! I was telling my bro he must have loads of cream pointy shoes, he just rolled his eyes. I love you for making my silly side come out again x

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