5 minute commute to the stadium but stupid fuck here forgot her cash and God forbid the stadium parking lots upgrade to that crazy modern technology called Credit Card Machines.

My seats are not so bad; I’m on J Rod side kinda in the middle on the end. I am a walking audio-visual geek armed with my phone, my flip video camera and my digital camera. I am also wearing glasses that are not strong enough but look cool. I’m also wearing what I affectionately call my Sally Jessie Raphael’s that I bought at the dollar store. Basically they are equal to the planetarium telescope as far as magnification is concerned. I love them, but I look like a 5-year-old Jared Followill, sans white dinner coat. And do I have both pair on my head at the same time? Why yes I do, thank you very much.

Stream of Consciousness

Watchmen on, Nathan was right they are awesome.
This is my kind of music.

There are 20 musicians on the stage. Looks like half of them keep wandering on and off the stage. Interesting concept.

The lead singer is tall as hell; HE’s probably 6’2. They kinda look like frat boys.
No tight jeans.

Here comes some random dude again. The triangle player, wonder if he gets any chic’s with that as his instrument; and what about the groupie who sleeps with him at the end of the night? What is that conversation with your friends like?

Oh my God, I totally hooked up with a dude in the band!
Oh yeah? The drummer?
Umm, no the triangle player.

OK update on the wondering musicians. Turns out they are the horn section, and the triangle player is also in the horn section. Phew!

Major drunk girl sitting behind me! This could definitely be worse then the tool kit from the MSG concert. F-bomb in a high pitch squeal with a Philly accent is like nails on a chalkboard. NOTE TO SELF: Stop saying fuck in public so much and be conscious of saying YES and not YEEH. This chick makes me want to be a better woman.

Horns are amazing! Watchmen are rocking. Seriously, I love it when a band makes me say hmm, must hear more. The lead singer has a great voice and the music sounds awesome.

Gah!!! It’s the Walkmen!!!! I never get it right. It’s the Yogi Berra in me. Sorry guys u rock though, even if your not super heroes.

I wonder if they “rent out” the horn section for the gig, this band cannot be this big.

Really mixed crowd, young/old/gross/ not so gross/drunk/sober…

Dear God:
Please no tall Dudes in front of me this time? Thank you! Love you! Bye. Click. Dial tone (I am determined to make that joke work).

Walkman just held that note for a good 1 ½ minutes?!
What lungpower…wonder how long he can swim under water.

Very nice girl just sat down next to me…no doubt we will be BFFs by the end of the night. Happens every time. No one can resist my charm.

Horn section whistles too. Is that extra in the rental contract? Yes! The horn section is a rental from NYC and this is their last night with the Walkmen.

Walkmen have finished.

And the roadies take over. Man, they work fast. What is all the equipment I mean so much is involved with setting up. I wonder how it makes the band feel knowing how many people depend on them for their own careers. I don’t really know how it works but really it as a reflection on their success as musicians. If you look at it on a business level it is amazing! All the way down to those assholes in the parking lot that don’t take credit cards. Does this affect their decisions as a band? That’s a lot to carry on your shoulders.

It looks like all the Flyers fans came straight from the game over to the concert. They are all wearing their bright orange t-shirt. Thank God I chose not to wear the orange hunting vest. Caleb’s poor guitar would be so confused and have a hard time finding me.

Even some of the roadies wear skinny jeans!

I swear I keep thinking I gotta pee then when I go it’s not even enough for a drug test. IGNORE THE URGE CHRISTINA! I wonder what happens if one of the guys has to go? Is it like the puke thing and they go in a bucket? These are the types of questions I would ask if I were to interview them for Rolling Stone magazine. Oy, so sick of the canned question/answer shit I keep reading over and over. Pee breaks, the people need to know!

It is 9:01. Heads up peeps, the zoom on my flip sucks.

Jared has a new guitar, black. That’s all I can tell u about it. It’s black and its cool. It looks just like the white one but its black. Hey man, I know my guitar shit what can I say.

What is up with Philly chicks? Cover the fuck up! Am I old? There is way too much cleavage in this joint and not good cleavage. It just looks slutty…and fake…and cold…I mean come on, the girls who are like 2pds and have huge fakers look like they’re gonna tip over at any second. Not even an ass as a counter-weight. Bring back the 70s real boobs no bras. Speaking of that whatever happened to Nathan’s pink drum kit? It was so cool and it always reminded me to do my monthly breast exams.

Are my jokes too obscure? Does anyone get them? Fuck it. I’m all ROFLOL over my bad self.

Lights down…getting so excited!!!!

Ugh, obstructed Jumbotron again…WTF?
Hot Dude Alert: 3 rows down…oh no, he’s wearing PINK underwear. To me that say’s “I have a secret!” Drums yes, undies no.

There are major amounts of duct tape used by the roadies. If they run out I have plenty in my trunk.

Oh, drunk girl you are like Katherine Hepburn in A Philadelphia Story, a class act.
A fight just broke out in the GA section! I just saw some girl flailing her arms around. Girl fight? Oh God. Here comes security. The crowd is pointing out the instigator to the guards. You’ve been thrown under the bus dude! He is now being escorted out. Did that girl fight him? That’s hysterical.

One of the stadiums has or had a jail and a court, but I can’t remember which one.

And cue the church music!

Here they come!!!

Matt is wearing a vest. Apparently vests are very popular with the ladies and they will all be happy to hear he is wearing one.

Oh this just sounds awesome!!!!

Taper Jean Girl
Trying to take video, I have a clear view. The girl in front of me is like 4’9”. Caleb height.

My Party
Can we trade that in for McFearless? No?

Molly’s Chambers

Red Morning Light
Oh sweet! Didn’t expect that. This crowd seems to know the older stuff, where as the MSG crowd not so much. Everyone is buying all their older albums now I guess. I became a fan at BOTT and did the same thing. I think Aha Shake is my fav. But Fans and bucket LOVE those songs.

California Waiting
Harsh light in my eyes, I am now blind.

Yay!!! Crowd Loves this!

Finally the smell of Pot where the hell has that been? I was starting to wonder? Oh wait, don’t think it’s the crowd…nope…its Nathan.

Another one I love.

(I will punch drunk girl and then be escorted out, but it will be worth it).

Ah yes, I ordered up this one special for my gals. You know who u are ; )

Hmm Caleb just gave himself a little chest rub, OK. Well it looked like that from here.

Caleb says a few words. Says he’s impressed by the crowd and hopes they sing along. Which means…

Sex on Fire
Zzzzzz…My new bff Natalie and I are in agreement this is not our favorite. So we chat.
Philly folk are enjoying it, fun to watch.

Geek boys in the row in front of me are rubbing each other’s bald spots. True fact.


I requested some ass wiggles and he ain’t delivering. But the jeans are nice and tight. So damn tight I would say the man is a boxer-brief dude maybe? Hmmm. He’s got some big ass feet too, at least in those boots.

This is the very first song of theirs I heard on the radio. Perk my head up moment. Sold!

Another fight?! This time it’s right next to me. The guard is screaming at the guy. I missed the whole thing. He’s not getting kicked out though, just a verbal ass-whoop.

Cold Desert
Matt sure knows how to make that song sound purdy. Damn he is good. The best thing those brothers ever did was kidnap him from Oklahoma.

Caleb thanks the Walkmen.

Use Somebody
Ugh guy in front of me keeps bending down to talk to his incredibly short girlfriend and obstructing my view. I knew there would be a catch. He’s like 6’2”ft. Caleb’s wishful thinking height.

Does Jared realize the audience is behind him? He spends the whole time facing the amps. Is there a mirror attached to them or something?

Slow Night So Long
Matt is gonna need some Tylenol tonight. Major head banging.

Oh no! drunk girl just fell and tried to bring my pants with her!!! How come I get accosted at all the KOL shows I go to? Well 2, but whatever.

Natalie and I chat before the encore. She is a super fan much like me and it turns out she reads my blog! She went to MSG too. We both agree this concert definitely has a better crowd.

Some royally stoned girl next to her tries to speak to me, but I have no idea what she’s saying. I just nod and smile.



Caleb is trying to say something to the crowd but everyone is freaking out. He stops and laughs then continues. Humble words much like MSG.


Does this song have a name yet?

Oh I love this song!!! My last shot at seeing an ass wiggle. Matt plays the shit out of this song. I think I’m having a religious experience. Seriously, he can play. His abilities are best described in my very first article about KOL, titled Kings of Leon; you can find it on my blog. I’m in heaven. No lie it’s like we just made out!

No ass wiggle WTF…oh Caleb…how could you. My horny heart is broken.

And that’s it they wave good-bye! I’m sad…its over.

Its like Christmas morning, you anticipate the day for so long. Each song is like a gift that you eagerly want to open or hear in this case. You are so excited but before you know it all the gifts are open; all the songs are played and that special day is over. I will watch the video over and over but it’s never the same as being in the moment. Hopefully, they will return and I will still believe and never lose that feeling of excitement and anticipation. I’m off to call my friends much like I did when I was little, and tell them all about the wonderful gift the boys brought to my hometown.

Thank you, Thank you…you are blessed and loved!

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Oh hello! What’s your name? Smith?

Nice to meet you Smith. Enjoy the show…


…and you? What’s your Name? Wesson?

Hello Wesson, are you two twins?

A Love Like No Other

March 11, 2009


Open Letter to Kings of Leon

February 24, 2009

Dear Fella’s:

I would like to preface what I am about to say with the following; everything I write about is all in jest and I have the utmost respect for you as musician. It really is all about the quality and originality of the music you produce and by no means has anything to do with Nathan and his charming sense of humor, blue eyes, black wavy hair, tight jeans, sexy lips, square jaw or hairy chest. I am just trying to share my appreciation for your talent and the man…. I mean “the band.”

In the past several months I have been writing these darling little tales about you and my love for your music and have developed a bit of my own fan base. I thank you for being an inspiration to me and letting me ride on your coattails, but there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Every day I check my blog activity; I write for a few online sites and keeping up with the stats is all a part of a days work as I’m sure you are well aware. One issue I have come across is the huge majority of people who want to know how tall you are. Seriously, 9 out of 10 search engine results that bring me the most traffic is “How tall is Nathan, Caleb, Jared, Matthew…Nathan,” basically after the word “tall” just insert your favorite Followill….hmmm… what?!…oh.

Guys, come on! This is very important stuff the world wants to know. It is seriously the #1 search followed by Caleb Followill + Drugs, Caleb Followill + alcohol, Caleb Followill + Sex, Caleb Followill + STDs, and Caleb Followill + asshole (I’m sorry Caleb, that is really what they search for but I figure its all the HAer’s jealous boyfriends and maybe your brothers). Listen, you don’t have to write me back, just put the info in your wikipedia bio. I’m willing to sacrifice the blog hits for the inquiring minds.

And people just to give a guesstimate, I figure Caleb is probably about 6’2, so the other guys are a probably anywhere between 5’11 to 6’0. I think Nacho is probably the only short one which makes me think he may very well be a Roloff and not a Followill. Anyway, if you could do us all a solid and let us know that would be great…shoe size would be nice too….Nate, 13-14? Am I right??

hugs and kisses with tongue


This just in: I have it on good authority that Caleb Followill is actually 4’9″ those are some mighty high heels he wears to make up the difference.

very cheeky!

For a city that’s known for its artery clogging cheese steaks, snowball attacks on Santa and one too many movies on aging boxers, we can proudly add excellent indie musicians to that list. Don’t get me wrong, I die for our cheese steaks and our tough guy persona but it’s nice to see we have some bohemian in us as well.

Philly’s own Rachael Yamagata, Andrew Lipke, and Matt Duke put on an excellent show for a great cause. WXPN’s Musicians On Call is a non-profit organization that brings live music to the bedsides of patients through weekly programs at area hospitals. XPN is a member-supported radio from the University of Pennsylvania. The concert was held at the stations own World Café Live facilities located on Penn’s campus.

Due to a photo pass mishap, I am sad to say I missed Matt Duke’s performance. I can only go by the overheard word, but the buzz around the lobby (as I waited for the powers that be figure out who messed up) seemed to be excellent for the up and coming local artist.

Luckily, the mayhem settled and I was able to catch all of Andrew Lipke’s performance. This young fella’s latest album, Motherpearl and Dynamite, has been getting more and more play on my IPod and his performance last night has me setting it on repeat. A mix of Jeff Buckley falsetto moments mixed with a generous portion of hard rock makes an excellent recipe for a great live performance. What more could a girl ask for.

Andrew’s band mates include; Joe DiVita on Bass/Vocals, Krista Nielsen on Cello/Keyboard/Vocals, Dave Perrin on Drums/Keyboard, and Joe Vasile on Guitar.  Krista’s cello performance on Get It Over With, turned this simple melody with catchy lyrics into a unique experience for the audience. She works that thing like a… Stradivarius?

Hearing Mind Games live definitely was the catapult for my new obsession. Although, the World Café live is an excellent venue, this song begs to be played in a stadium setting. I want to hear more songs like that from this man. Sadly, 30 minutes is way too short for an Andrew Lipke experience but I can say without a doubt Andrew and his band did not disappoint.

After a short video about Musicians On Call, Rachael Yamagata took the stage looking adorable with her variation on a Princess Leia hairdo. It’s hard to believe this petite beauty has a voice that delivers the type of sound that could rattle the rafters but I definitely felt the rumble.

My first thoughts were are there any instruments she can’t play? She effortlessly glided from piano, to electric guitar and acoustic guitar. At one point I could have sworn I saw her heading for the drum kit, but I was mistaken.

Rachael played a healthy portion of songs from her latest album Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart, and her previous album Happenstance. The first song out of the gate was Elephant, a lyrically beautiful song and a perfect start to a progressively superb set. I was happy to hear some of my choice favorites including Faster and Worn Me Down.

Her performance was interspersed with stories of her new found love for the Eagles (a requirement to live in this city), her emotional reaction to our newly appointed President and her regrets for wearing pants that were too tight. The crowd was clearly there for her and graciously laughed at her tales and swayed to her music.

Although, the evening did not look promising to start, it was well worth the effort. Each musician gave a stellar performance and all for a worthy cause. I look forward to seeing what these hometown rockers bring to the table in the future. No doubt something that will make their Philly family proud.

Top 10 Fav Rocker Guys,

February 14, 2009

I am not gonna lie looks have a lot to do with some of the choices here. Superficial? Yes but i figure sex appeal makes up about 25% of a good rocker. The other 75% are the chops that make them musicians. My theory is the combination of the two creates a true Rock Star.

rock-stars41. Nathan Followill – Kings of Leon – Drummer

My favorite band at the moment is Kings of Leon and although I am not a percussion afficionado I know what I like and he sounds damn good to me. Of course there’s the guns, the eyes, the hair…I mean damn look at the dude. We don’t get a true sense of what he can do vocally through his back up and harmony contributions, but rumor has it he has some major pipes. I hope we hear more of that in the future. Maybe a little duet with his gal Jessie?

2.Caleb Followill – Kings of Leon – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Singer
All the boxes are filled on the Rock Star check list when it comes to Caleb (she said in her best Casey Kasem impression). For me its all about the voice. It’s so unique and I just love the way he uses it. Caleb’s voice is definitely his best instrument. His lyrics are really great. I love the metaphors and the slang…Guitar Go Get Her…OMG! And of course he’s a sweet piece of eye candy. I’m a sucker for tall skinny dudes (I miss the long hair though).


3. Mick Jagger – Rolling Stones – Lead Singer

Oh Mick, I don’t know what it is? The energy? The hair? The ability to impregnate a woman while passing them by on the street? I don’t know but he’s like David Koresh or Charles Manson to me – I follow willingly.


4. Jonny Greenwood – Radiohead – multi-instrumentalist

Radiohead is my all time favorite band. Jonny, in my opinion is the most talented and just a master at all things instrumental. He is so creative and original and clearly a well educated musician who is not afraid to push the boundaries.


5. Robert Plant – Led Zepplin – Lead Singer

What a great voice this man has and incredibly sexy! I love watching the old videos of Led Zepplin in concert. “Kashmir” is my favorite song of theirs. The ultimate sex song, just put it on repeat and go at it.


6. Keith Richards – Rolling Stones – Guitarist

The bad boy. I love the story of when he got pissing drunk and passed out, and when he woke up the next day he realized he recorded what would later become Sympathy for the Devil. About 3 bars were recorded and the rest of the tape was of him snoring. My other favorite story is how a magazine had voted him the most likely musician to die in the next year, and that was in the 1960’s. It really does amaze me he is still alive. Clearly he’s held together by spit and whiskey.

7. Jim James – My Morning Jacket – Lead Singer – Guitarist

Otherwise known as my boyfriend…in my head…I just love him. He goes against all my usual attractions but there’s something about him I find appealing. Maybe he just hits on that little part of me that’s intrigued by the warm and cuddly safe place guy. He looks like he’d be a good spooner. Oh yes, the music…that’s why we are here right? He rocks ’nuff said.


8. Ian Astbury – The Cult – Lead Singer
Rain and She Sells Sanctuary; those are some awesome songs. Ian is holding up pretty well in his later years. I am kind of afraid to hear any of their new stuff though. I’d be heartbroken if it sucked.


9. Jimmy Page – The Yardbirds – Led Zepplin – Guitarists

Just much respect for a talented musician. And of course, bad boy, sexy, drug addled, skinny…do I need to go any further with this?


10. Justin Vernon – Bon Iver – Lead Singer – Multi-instrumentalist

I am going through a major Bon Iver obsession right now. They/he takes me to a very zen place. When I am feeling anxious he calms me. He’s like Xanax for the ears. I don’t advise taking Xanax and listening to Bon Iver at the same time; you run the risk of becoming a zombie.

Suggested Tracks

1. Kings of Leon – Fans

2. Kings of Leon – Black Thumbnail

3. Rolling Stones – Monkey Man

4. Led Zepplin – Kashmir

5. Radiohead –Talk Show Host

6. Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

7. My Morning Jacket – I’m Amazed

8. The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary

9. The Yardbirds – Shapes of Things

10. Bon Iver – Re: Stacks

Driving to Work Play List

1. Bon Iver-Stacks

2. Lucinda Williams-Honey Bee

3. Marshall Tucker Band-Can’t You See

4. Gary Jules and Michael Andrew-Mad World

5. Throwing Muses-Snakeface

6. Elbow-Grounds for Divorce

7. Lo-Fidelity All Stars-Battle Flag

8. Rachael Yamagata-Elephants

9. Cowboy Junkies-Powderfinger

10. MGMT-Electric Feel

Philadelphia Musicians to check out.

1. Dr. Dog

2. Rachael Yamagata

3. Andrew Lipke

4. Matt Duke

This ain’t rocket science but I just love all things music and always look for a reason to write about the subject.  Please feel free to add to this list in the comments. I love to hear your opinions and welcome fresh music suggestions at all times. If you are on a groups street team, again feel free to share!

The Video’s have been added to my list of suggested songs. Caleb’s little ass wiggle at the end of Black Thumbnail has me rethinking my love for Nathan…..nah!!!!

Dear Caleb:
Honey, I just have one request and believe me I truly do love them. They are very cool and sexy. I have no doubt you take very good care of them. But darlin’, please. I mean they gotta be walking around the house at night by themselves at this point.
Don’t you think its time to retire the boots.

Seriously, haven’t you had them long enough?


CALEB: “Thank you England! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to afford these awesome new Prada boots. I bought them over there in the UK, you know…where Italy is?”

NATHAN:”Shit, this says its the Brit Awards, I thought it was the Academy awards.”

CALEB TO JARED: “Do you think they can tell I just used a darker shoe polish?”

JARED: “Who gives a shit, where the fuck is MY mic? Heads are gonna role! Thank God I found that speech in my jacket pocket left over from the Grammy’s.”

NATHAN: “Thanks Mom and Dad! Love You! BYE (click, dialtone)!”

NATHAN: “Thank you God! Love you! BYE! (click, dialtone)!”


CALEB: “I think I feel the Spanish Inquisiton coming on again….uh oh”

NATHAN: “Damn, Caleb!!!!”

LILY: “All over your new shoes!”

JARED: “They still smell better then the other ones”


NATHAN: “So this isn’t the Oscars and we didn’t win for best Home Movies? When does the next People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive issue come out? I need to get a jump start on that campaign.”

Sweet Jesus they are hot!!!! The boots…and the boys!

On The Road
My Journey From Philly to Madison Square Garden

Concert Ticket $44.00
Ticket Master Service Charge $1000.00
1 warm beer purchased at the Garden $1500.00
Seeing the Kings of Leon LIVE: Priceless

Wallet? Check! Keys? Check. Cash? Check! I’m Ready…CRAP! Ticket! Where the fuck is my TICKET…oh in my wallet, never mind (checks wallet 3 more times during course of journey).

I’m on the 6:15 NJ Transit train headed for NYC. The car seems to be filled with mostly commuters and no one really resembling a fellow concertgoer. It’s freezing out and the door won’t close, but that’s OK because I know soon enough I’ll be hot and sweaty.

Being one to battle the anxiety demons a few times in my life, a whole list of “worst case scenario’s” run through my head.
1. We covered the forgotten ticket but there’s also the “been sold a fake ticket by some
Savvy hacker/scalper on line.”
2. Lose or have stolen wallet, purse, keys, ID, or all of the above.
3. Journey home-missing the last train out of NY and having to sleep on the plastic bucket chairs at Penn Station.

I’m taking this journey alone tonight. Unfortunately, my friends are not Kings of Leon fans. Not that they wouldn’t be but most of them are knee deep in newborns, rug-rats, and ‘tweens. Their music library pretty much consists of; The Wiggles, Miley Cyrus, and the Jonas Bros. I have attempted to convert them by bombarding their e-mail boxes with video’s, home movies, and chest hair pictures of the boys but alas, their libido’s are on hold until the kids are off to college.

So to soldier through my long journey, I put on my headphones and cue up the “KOL” play list and get myself in concert mode.

The train fills up with more and more people as we near NYC. I can make out who are the concertgoers by their pack mentality and Jared wannabe hairdo’s.
(Check wallet 4th time to make sure ticket didn’t mysteriously fly out.)

The sudden urge to pee overwhelms me. CRAP! Ok, I’m sure I can hold out until NY.
(If you’ve ever peed in a public rest room in NYC you’ll understand my concern. Especially the Woman’s bathroom no offense sisters, but girls are gross.)

I follow the signs for Madison Square Garden. Awesome, I don’t even have to leave the building.
I’m early, there’s hardly anyone here yet. I glide past the first checkpoint. There’s a Merch table ahead and the “FOLLOWILL” T-shirt catches my eye but I decide against it. I already spent enough money on these boys tonight.
Second check point approaches, my stomach drops knowing this is where I will be turned away because of my bogus ticket.
Hmmm…. I stand corrected, the ticket is legit and I’m ushered through the turnstile.
Upon reaching my seat, I am briefly struck by a wave of altitude sickness and immediately sit down. I swallow a few times to relieve the pressure in my ears and scan the stadium. The stage looks like a miniature doll set. I close one eye and pretend to squish Nathan’s drums with my thumb and index finger. This sucks. At least there’s the Jumbotron.

It’s 8pm and The Whigs just took the stage. I have never heard their music before but I’m willing to be open-minded and I’m eager to see them perform.

The lead singer of The Whigs slurs out a greeting to the audience. Their drum set dwarfs in comparison to Nathan’s. I’m sure a lot dwarfs in comparison to what Nathan has to offer.

Stream of consciousness begins:

OK, half way through song one and I’m done. BRING ON THE BOYS!

If this place doesn’t fill up I’m heading down to below cloud level.

The Whigs look cute from way up here, like cute ant people.

The lead singer seems to have some Michael Flately Irish dance moves going on.

OMG! Is the bassist wearing UGGS?!! Oh No-My bad. Phew!

Ok, I’m getting into it now…not really_BRING ON THE KINGS!!!!!

The Whigs have officially moved from cute ants to sexy ants.

The smoke machine just started, unless Nathan just lit a spliff behind the stage.

Hmmmm I wonder if Nate is left-handed. The drummer for The Whigs has his mike to the right-hand side; Nathan’s is to the left. I noticed while watching the home movies it looked like he was golfing left-handed…did I just write that? I sense a vague hint of stalker behavior in that sentence.
(Note to self: Stop by Bellevue Hospital before heading home.)

The Whig’s “are happy to be here and will now do something off their first album,” so they tell me and the other 4 people in the audience.

Wow this guy is amazing. He’s been dancing around on one leg while playing the guitar for a good 3 minutes. It reminds me of the guys who hung outside the Methadone clinic across the street from my apartment. They could hold a Karate Kid pose for like an hour, it was very impressive.

I love it when rockers do that Mick Jagger thing with their arms. They look all lanky and double-jointed with a touch of cerebal-palsyness. The Whiggles guy just did that (Caleb does it better).

Time check! 8:17! What??? Only 15 minutes went by???

I think I just saw a roadie put a cooler next to Nathan’s drums, wow. Maybe not. but probably.

I wonder if Caleb is puking.

OK, I’m having one of those “I can’t believe I’m actually here,” moments.

As of now I do not have an obstructed view, which is very cool.

OMG! Was that Nathan that just walked by??? No.
(REMINDER: Bellevue)


I figure I should make another bathroom run because I know if I go during the concert I will miss something crucial like Nathan doing his first solo or Caleb announcing he’s growing his hair long again.

I head out and walk a mile before I find the first Woman’s bathroom. The line is scary long and all of a sudden I really have to GO. Luckily it moves quickly. I race to the open stall where my theory has been confirmed-women are gross.

I get back to my seat and watch the crew set up. Nacho expertly tapes the cords in place. I don’t really hear any of the famous NACHO chants I’ve heard about. But then again maybe the sound just hasn’t traveled up here yet. I’ll give it another 30 min.

Oh God! I see my view obstruction heading towards me. Damn, he’s got to be 6’4 and he’s acting like an asshole. What a tool. I have no problem kicking him in the back of the head if need be.

Nacho is tuning Matt’s guitar and there’s that cool white bass Jared plays. I would think being a roadie would be a sucky job. But then again I just don’t like to do any sort of heavy lifting, or taping, or cleaning for that matter. I wonder if there are any girl roadies?

The tool and his friends are all tall.

I wonder if the mic height is based on how tall they are. From this level that would make Matthew and Jared ¼” tall and Caleb ¾” tall.

Time check 9:07!!!!WTF!!!
Put down the Bong Nathan, and get your ass out here!

Right now I have the perfect view but I know the John Mayer look-alike Tool Boy and the rest of his kit will ruin it, tall bastards.

As for the crowd…


Again, overwhelming feeling: I can’t believe I’m here!!!!

Ah the sweet smell of pot just filled the stadium, must be Nathan’s natural scent.

Eh, not a big fan of this song

This song bugs me because of the whole Rachael Bilson thing…what? Come on dude!

Caleb looks really pumped. And he’s wondering around the stage a lot. I didn’t think they moved. They’re all in their standard black and grey. I love Caleb in a vest. He’s having a good hair night. Jared and Matthew are in leather jackets looking hot (I mean literally).
Jared has some tentacles hair thing happening but it looks cute. He’s got some patchy scruff going on but that too looks good.
(Don’t give up on it honey, you got to go through the bad to get to the good, if not there’s always beard extensions.)

I love it when Caleb mimes the songs, even the hearing impaired can enjoy their live performance. Very generous.


Goddamn people who show up late. Knocking into me, grrrr
It is now officially packed! Wow, Matt is rocking Molly. Go Matty.

Hmm it’s Jared playing the casio not Nacho. Oh well.

Mmm more pot sme…..CRAP!!! Another tall guy just got here and he’s taller then the tool kit squad!!!  Is this the song where Matt plays the guitar with his mouth? Tool Guys prevented me from seeing that.


MY FAV, I love this song.


A big smile comes across Caleb’s face when the audience sings along. No doubt he’s having a similar “Oh my God I can’t believe I’m here,” moment.


Another one of my fav’s.

They show fancier video’s on the Jumbtron when the play songs from OBtN album.

The view of the jumbtron is obstructed by the speakers and I can only see half of Nathan but even half a Nathan is still Hot.

I think I’m sweating just as much as Caleb.

Matt’s hair seems a lot longer. I like it better like this.

Caleb is putting his sweat rag to good use.


Oooo cool light show.
Jared goes into headshake mode. Awesome.


Eh, I’d rather hear Soft. Matt is rockin out. But when doesn’t he rock out, really.

Caleb SPEAKS!!!
He tells me (ok us, whatever) He’s been dreaming of this moment his whole life.
Through out he thanks everyone over and over. Seems very humble.

Tells everyone to sing along to the next song and we oblige.


You can hardly hear Caleb sing, especially during the chorus. Caleb seems to get a kick out of this.

My one complaint is there is way too much video of Caleb only. They showed one shot of Jared and I thought my ears were gonna bleed from the girly squeals.

Nate should have a jumbotron dedicated only to him.
I don’t know why they don’t use the jumbotron in the middle. That would’ve been perfect.

(MUST kill Tool. Luckily he only knows songs off of OBtN, He’s freaking out right now).


Oooo Caleb is doing that little dance; he looks like he’s sneaking up behind someone to scare the crap out of him or her. The sneaky dance. TOO CUTE!!!

He’s traveling all over the stage giving the side crowd their own little show.


Right now is the time to see them on tour. There’s not a stinker in their song catalog.
Who knows, 20 years from now we may all have to suffer through a Rolling Stones “Steel Wheels” type promotional concert tour just to get to the classics. That and “Caleb Followill Rock of Love,” are my biggest fears.

Tool boy has no idea what this song is.
“Bucket? What Bucket? Why the fuck is he singing about a bucket?”


I’ve neglected this song; I have to listen to it more, and again with the awesome video during a latest album song. Caleb is displaying some extra sexy raspiness in his voice during this song. I definitely noticed more clarity and confidence in his singing


Mmm yummy spliff just lit up 2 rows ahead.


Ewww gross, Caleb just spit. Hmmm there’s something about this song he doesn’t like. He’s doing some kind of hand gesture thing to the sound guy. Or else he’s telling Jared to steal home.


Holy crap the crowd is going bonkers!!!!!
Americans definitely know more from this album then any other album. A little from Because of the Times but not much.

Having a moment….”can’t believe I’m here”…. continue


Looks like all the boys around me in the audience are taking the opportunity to make a play on their dates. Interesting. OOPS! Some guy just brushed up against my boob when he walked by, there’s my play for the evening.


Clove cigarette smell fills the air.

Wow, this isn’t the reaction I was expecting. Again this is Americans not familiar with anything but their most recent stuff. And where is Jared’s screaming freak-out head banging, gyrating moment. I’m so disappointed. Caleb delivered though.


OOOOOO NATE! Guzzles and chucks!!!

I’ve made a new friend while we wait for the encore, a sweet woman who got tickets at the very last minute. She asks me who my favorite King is, Duh… Look at me; I look like I just walked out of Woodstock with all my hippie bohemianess going on. NATE LOVER right here!!!


Caleb tells the crowd. This is the Biggest and Best moment of his life. So sweet.

I love this video. Caleb is reenacting it on stage as we speak.


I think I actually had a little orgasm when he said, “Guitar Go Get Her”!

Wow, Jared booked off stage, maybe he has to pee.
Oh, there’s my beloved Nate front and center. Look at those fucking arms. I just want to lick his TATTS!

Caleb does his cute little double hand wave and throws some lucky soul his sweat rag.
I wonder how much that will go for on Ebay.

Good-bye boys. No doubt they are off to some fabulous after party filled with celebs and beautiful people. I hope they had a blast cause I sure did.

(…Yes, there’s more)

I swear I am being physically carried down the steps of the escalator and out the door by the mass of people exiting the Garden. How the hell did I get outside? My goal was not to leave the building. Oh well, I walk around the corner to get back into Penn Station. I stop at Nathan’s Hot Dogs and get a Nathan’s Lemonade. OMG! Did I subconsciously stop here? Hmmmm… too ladylike to make any Nathan’s Hot Dog jokes but definitely
wondering if his tattoo’s taste like lemonade. Yes, it’s my fantasy and they most definitely do.
I make my way to NJ Transit gate area and wait for the 11:40 train to Trenton. I eavesdrop on a group of girls who are imitating Calebs sneaky dance and listen to them trying to mimic his hi-pitch squeal that ends up being a lot more annoying then cute. I watch a group of young boys in their tight jeans and long hair pretend to watch the monitor while sneaking glimpses of the girls and their antics. Supportive fathers who escorted their sons to the concert are now stressing over the train schedule departure times.

I get on a double-decker commuter train and take the first seat I can find. The girl next to me rolls and unrolls the KOL poster she bought, and the boy in front of me calls his mom to tell her he’s on his way home and says, “It was beyond words, Mom.”

I’m kind of glad I have a long commute ahead of me. I’m still wired and my left eyeball is burning. I’m left handed and it’s only my left eyeball that ever hurts. I wonder if Nathan’s left eyeball ever hurts him.

DAMN…. I forgot to stop at Bellevue.

Thanks Guys!
You are blessed.


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It’s hard not to see the similarities of these families of musical genius. Although, most of the comparisons are based on the Von Trapp’s we see in “The Sound of Music,” the basic roots are the same; both families influenced by controlling establishments and conforming to the strict guidelines of someone else’s moral compass only to break free and express themselves in a profoundly creative way.

The similarities hardly end there. In a more detailed analysis we can see not only the family reflections but the individual ones as well. Yes, there are only 3 brothers and a cousin in the Followill clan and 7 in the Von Trapp tribe but upon further inspection isn’t there a little bit of the Von Trapp’s in all of the Followill’s?

Liesl, the oldest daughter and most prominent character among the children can easily be compared to Caleb Followill. Her leadership and eloquent singing are equal to that of Kings of Leon’s front man. Her rebel late night romps with Rolf the messenger boy no doubt reminds us what a rock star/groupie pursuit may be like, just add drugs, booze, condoms and stir.

When it comes to Jared he seems to be a bit of a mix. Gretl the youngest and often seen with a furrowed brow bring to mind Jared but it is Kurt’s tell it like it is attitude that most resembles the youngest Followill. Much like Kurt it isn’t hard to see Jared hiding a frog in his governess’ pocket just for kicks. My guess is in the Followill scenario Nathan would probably catch it then try to smoke it.

Matthew Followill reminds us of the soft-spoken Brigitta with the knock out smile. No doubt a respected member and probably the smartest. My only reference for this description can be found in the Kings of Leon home movies when Matthew corrects Nathan’s use of the English language, “You drank 5 more beers, not drunk.” Clearly he is the academic of the bunch.

As for Nathan…OK, I can’t compare him to any of them. The man is a wonder.

Even a comparison of Maria and the Followill matriarch Betty Ann can be made. Both have a gift for sewing. Maria, with her resourceful use of window treatments allowing the children to happily romp through the trails of the Austrian countryside. Betty Ann, with her skills to transform thrift store finds into original formfitting outfits that make the young ladies wish they could romp along Jared’s own happy trail.

But as a whole both family units are a team, all surviving and thriving by standing together like an unbreakable levy. Whether it fighting off the Germans or the latest STD they will power through.

Clearly my grueling research for this comparative study will pay off and open the doors for more intense discussions on the subject. No doubt in years to come, when it is proven that the Kings of Leon are a cultural phenomenon, academic courses will be based on their familial construction. I’m just glad I had the foresight to get the ball rolling.

(Sorry, I had a Chocolate in my Peanut Butter moment last night. I watched the Sound of Music while listening to KOL. God only knows what they are really like. I get all my info from the 2 min. clips I find on You Tube. Jared may be deathly afraid of frogs for all I know! I think I’m done with all my tall tales of the Followill’s ( unless the masses demand more of course), I’m just about ready to move onto MGMT. Stay tuned.)


Those Mother F***ers! WTF!!!

My T-shirt design for the KOL contest was REJECTED!!  Apparently It falls under this category:

DesignByHumans reserves the right to reject any submission that it deems in its sole discretion to be vulgar, profane, offensive, or inappropriate.

Thats everything the GUYS are!!! What a bunch of P***y’s! Check out my design below and tell me its not absolute GENIUS!!!!

Whatever, bastards…you suck Humans!



…and I kept it CLEAN! I may just have to redo it and really make it vulgar, inappropriate, profane and offensive.
Stay Tuned!

Kings of Leon

December 17, 2008


The Followills, three brothers and a cousin from Tennessee raised by an evangelical priest, were forbidden to listen to anything but gospel, and home schooled by their mother. How could these four boys, each sprinkled with Elvis dust all come from the same gene pool? Given their back-story you have to question, is this some divine intervention or did their parents make a deal with the devil? In the world of rock n’ roll you tend to think the latter but only hope that God will prevail and keep these boys from going down the path of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, or Kurt Cobain. This hope stems from their God-fearing upbringing and the fact they have each other to keep them grounded.

You have to wonder why their home country has not embraced the Followills the way the Europeans have. Americans are accustomed to the ramblings of evangelist preachers praising the lord over television waves “God will heal for a mere $10 donation”. It leaves you leery of a scam. Will they draw us in, win our faith then shatter the dream?

It’s not hard to question how such a perfect Rock n’ Roll package came to be. Caleb, the lead singer who can lay out lyrics that make you think he has the life experience of a man in his 90’s. A face so pretty you question whether his songs about transvestites may actually be about him. Jared, who’s actions remind us of a young Keith Richards but with the looks of a “Teen Beat” heartthrob. Nathan, who you give a pass to for the cheesy water shot in the “Sex on Fire” video ’cause lets face it, the man is a god; and Mathew, the cousin with the rosy cheeks and sweet smile who’s guitar skills deliver the same visceral feeling as the kiss you swear is directly connected to your loins.

These traits and skills make you doubt the authentic biological force of these boys, but then you watch the “Only By the Night Home Movies,” and the perfect package reveals its’ flaws. Some of their actions conjure up the stereotypical southern redneck bumpkins such as bathing in a creek and old men in overalls. You realize that they aren’t brooding rock stars all serious about the music 24/7, but young men with little American boy moments like running around naked, playing practical jokes, or going to a college football game in their matching t-shirts and foam fingers. You wonder how Caleb comes up with lyrics so smart when at 26 he finally asks the question “where do babies come from?” while using the John Travolta movie “Look Who’s Talking,” as a visual reference. These are the moments that make them all the more endearing; this is the hook that reels us in.

I can honestly say I am converted and my prayers are that they play it right and not get caught up in the unreal parts. I hope none of them crash and burn by drugs and alcohol and know their limits and keep it in their pants once in a while. Also know when to retire the tight jeans and long hair because no one likes to see an aging rock star trying to hold on. That they not obsess but enjoy the ride and never lose the vulnerable side we see in each of their long lashed baby blues. I hope they stay true to their word and keep the music honest and pure.
May their congregation grow and thrive and make us all regain our faith in the higher power of Rock n’ Roll, but until then I will be at the foot of their rock star altar with my hands in the air and my face pointed up as a believer and follower…or “followiller” as the case may be.

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