Top 10 Favorite Grrl Rockers

February 14, 2009


  1. 1. Chrissie Hynde – The Pretenders – Guitarist – Lead Singer
  2. Chrissie can do no wrong in my eyes. Regardless of the Sid Vicious years, she is the quintessential female Rock Star. Not too Joan Jett and not to Joni Mitchell; somewhere in the middle. I saw an interview where she said KOL made her interested in music again. I hope they know how huge that is.
  3. 2. Lucinda Williams – Singer – Guitar
  4. If I were to explain her in one word it would be ICON…. She has kind of been under the radar but has a steady stream of good work in her music catalog. This I am finding out now and I wish I caught on sooner; it would have been a fun ride to see her evolve. The minute I heard “Honey Bee” I was sold. Seriously, that song makes me want to dance around and pour honey all over myself (but then the reality of it snaps me out of it…STICKY).
  5. 3. Beth Gibbons – Portishead – Lead Singer
  6. A unique talent with a voice that sounds tortured and beautiful at the same time. One of my all time favorite albums is “Live at Roseland NYC.” I haven’t gotten there new album yet but I definitely will.
  7. 4. Elizabeth Fraser – Cocteau Twins – Lead Singer
  8. I’m convinced this is the music you hear on your way up to heaven; all cottony clouds and rainbows. The names of the songs are cavity causing. I love the idea of using a string of random words that sound pretty together yet have no meaning behind them. Basically they are using the words as an instrument; what a lovely concept. Fraser has the perfect voice to pull this off.
  9. 5. Debbie Harry – Blondie – Lead Singer
  10. Please!…cool, sexy, beautiful, what more do you need. I met her at Irving Plaza and she was so unassuming and pleasant; it always makes me happy when they are NOT Diva’s. If you think about it that kind of attitude will only leave you disconnected from your audience and the real world. How can you remain a good artist if you’re not in touch?
  11. 6. Siouxsie Sioux – Siouxsie and the Banshees – Lead Singer
  12. The ultimate 80’s Punk Rock artist. Along with The Cult, Siouxsie and the Banshees were a big part of my summer soundtrack a few years back. My exploration of everything Punk and everything 80’s and it had to be hard Punk Rock. That same summer I realized The Sex Pistols were a crock of shit and fell in love with The New York Dolls (RIP Arthur), The Ramones, and The Replacements.
  13. 7. Kim Gordon – Sonic Youth – Free Kitten – Bass and Guitar
  14. I just love girl guitarists. I saw Sonic Youth at a small venue in NYC and met her at an after party Again, very humble and soft spoken which always impresses me. She is just an all around inspiring woman. Musician, Mom, Fashion Designer and, oh yeah…Rock Star!
  15. 8. Margo Timmons Cowboy Junkies – Vocals
  16. I love the Cowboy Junkies. Their music is so beautiful. If you’re into covers they have an awesome selection: Blue Moon, Sweet Jane, Rake, and my all time favorite Powderfinger. I also love it when women sing men parts and men sing women parts. I don’t know why, I guess it’s sexy to me. Having said that, check out James by Huffamoose.
  17. 9. Kristin HershThrowing Muses – 50 Foot Wave – Guitar – Vocals
  18. Throwing Muses had me at many a concert venue in the 90’s. Well more like bars with a stage. She is an excellent guitarist and Mom extraordinaire. I haven’t heard anything from her new band but I am a die-hard Throwing Muses fan.
  19. 10. Rachael Yamagata – Guitar – Piano – Vocals
  20. I first heard her when she did a duet with Rhett Miller called “Fireflies.” I just love her raspy voice and wanted to hear more from her. “Elephants-Teeth Sinking Into Heart,” is her new album and I wouldn’t hesitate getting it even if you’ve never heard a single song it is that good. I am a sucker for a good metaphor and the song “Elephants” is lyrically phenomenal. She is also now a Philly girl which adds to her fabulousity!
  21. Suggested Tracks

1. The Pretenders-Brass In Pocket

2. Lucinda Williams-Honey Bee

3. Portishead-Glory Box

4. Cocteau Twins-Pearly Dewdrops’ Drops

5. Blondie-Call Me

6. Siouxsie and the Banshees-Cities in Dust

7. Sonic Youth-Superstar

8. Cowboy Junkies-Powderfinger

9. Throwing Muses-Snakeface

10. Rachael Yamagata-Elephants

Please feel free to add to the comments with your own lists. I’m always up for being exposed to new artists.

Thanks for indulging my need to rant about everything music. Hopefully something here has either sparked your interest or entertained you on a topic you are well versed in already. Again this is just my humble opinion and if you don’t agree then clearly you must have horrible taste in music. ; )

By popular demand I added video’s to my suggested play list. Some are better then others but you get the gist.


Top 10 Fav Rocker Guys,

February 14, 2009

I am not gonna lie looks have a lot to do with some of the choices here. Superficial? Yes but i figure sex appeal makes up about 25% of a good rocker. The other 75% are the chops that make them musicians. My theory is the combination of the two creates a true Rock Star.

rock-stars41. Nathan Followill – Kings of Leon – Drummer

My favorite band at the moment is Kings of Leon and although I am not a percussion afficionado I know what I like and he sounds damn good to me. Of course there’s the guns, the eyes, the hair…I mean damn look at the dude. We don’t get a true sense of what he can do vocally through his back up and harmony contributions, but rumor has it he has some major pipes. I hope we hear more of that in the future. Maybe a little duet with his gal Jessie?

2.Caleb Followill – Kings of Leon – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Singer
All the boxes are filled on the Rock Star check list when it comes to Caleb (she said in her best Casey Kasem impression). For me its all about the voice. It’s so unique and I just love the way he uses it. Caleb’s voice is definitely his best instrument. His lyrics are really great. I love the metaphors and the slang…Guitar Go Get Her…OMG! And of course he’s a sweet piece of eye candy. I’m a sucker for tall skinny dudes (I miss the long hair though).


3. Mick Jagger – Rolling Stones – Lead Singer

Oh Mick, I don’t know what it is? The energy? The hair? The ability to impregnate a woman while passing them by on the street? I don’t know but he’s like David Koresh or Charles Manson to me – I follow willingly.


4. Jonny Greenwood – Radiohead – multi-instrumentalist

Radiohead is my all time favorite band. Jonny, in my opinion is the most talented and just a master at all things instrumental. He is so creative and original and clearly a well educated musician who is not afraid to push the boundaries.


5. Robert Plant – Led Zepplin – Lead Singer

What a great voice this man has and incredibly sexy! I love watching the old videos of Led Zepplin in concert. “Kashmir” is my favorite song of theirs. The ultimate sex song, just put it on repeat and go at it.


6. Keith Richards – Rolling Stones – Guitarist

The bad boy. I love the story of when he got pissing drunk and passed out, and when he woke up the next day he realized he recorded what would later become Sympathy for the Devil. About 3 bars were recorded and the rest of the tape was of him snoring. My other favorite story is how a magazine had voted him the most likely musician to die in the next year, and that was in the 1960’s. It really does amaze me he is still alive. Clearly he’s held together by spit and whiskey.

7. Jim James – My Morning Jacket – Lead Singer – Guitarist

Otherwise known as my boyfriend…in my head…I just love him. He goes against all my usual attractions but there’s something about him I find appealing. Maybe he just hits on that little part of me that’s intrigued by the warm and cuddly safe place guy. He looks like he’d be a good spooner. Oh yes, the music…that’s why we are here right? He rocks ’nuff said.


8. Ian Astbury – The Cult – Lead Singer
Rain and She Sells Sanctuary; those are some awesome songs. Ian is holding up pretty well in his later years. I am kind of afraid to hear any of their new stuff though. I’d be heartbroken if it sucked.


9. Jimmy Page – The Yardbirds – Led Zepplin – Guitarists

Just much respect for a talented musician. And of course, bad boy, sexy, drug addled, skinny…do I need to go any further with this?


10. Justin Vernon – Bon Iver – Lead Singer – Multi-instrumentalist

I am going through a major Bon Iver obsession right now. They/he takes me to a very zen place. When I am feeling anxious he calms me. He’s like Xanax for the ears. I don’t advise taking Xanax and listening to Bon Iver at the same time; you run the risk of becoming a zombie.

Suggested Tracks

1. Kings of Leon – Fans

2. Kings of Leon – Black Thumbnail

3. Rolling Stones – Monkey Man

4. Led Zepplin – Kashmir

5. Radiohead –Talk Show Host

6. Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

7. My Morning Jacket – I’m Amazed

8. The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary

9. The Yardbirds – Shapes of Things

10. Bon Iver – Re: Stacks

Driving to Work Play List

1. Bon Iver-Stacks

2. Lucinda Williams-Honey Bee

3. Marshall Tucker Band-Can’t You See

4. Gary Jules and Michael Andrew-Mad World

5. Throwing Muses-Snakeface

6. Elbow-Grounds for Divorce

7. Lo-Fidelity All Stars-Battle Flag

8. Rachael Yamagata-Elephants

9. Cowboy Junkies-Powderfinger

10. MGMT-Electric Feel

Philadelphia Musicians to check out.

1. Dr. Dog

2. Rachael Yamagata

3. Andrew Lipke

4. Matt Duke

This ain’t rocket science but I just love all things music and always look for a reason to write about the subject.  Please feel free to add to this list in the comments. I love to hear your opinions and welcome fresh music suggestions at all times. If you are on a groups street team, again feel free to share!

The Video’s have been added to my list of suggested songs. Caleb’s little ass wiggle at the end of Black Thumbnail has me rethinking my love for Nathan…..nah!!!!

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