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The Shins/James Mercer, September, posted with vodpod

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The Shins-James Mercer, ‘A Simple Song’, posted with vodpod

Learn about it and give back! And my birthday wish is still going on…new goal Birthday 2012 ! Please give what you can. Christina’s Birthday Wish, new goal 2012! 

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National Eating Disorders Association, posted with vodpod

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Kim Deal on “real” bass players, posted with vodpod

fun stuff!

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Black Marble – Backwards

February 27, 2012

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Black Marble – Backwards, posted with vodpod

Springsteen exhibit at the Constitution center in Philadelphia.

Music and art events In Philly you won’t want to miss – Philadelphia events | Examiner.com.



Music and art events In Philly you won't want to miss - Philadelphia events | Examiner.com


bon iver dropped a new video for “towers” directed by nabil

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Send your special someone some cash

Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash


So, if you’ve followed along, I’ve posted some of the best song winners and nominations from over the last 70+ years of Academy Award history. I left out the really early stuff since I figured it wouldn’t hold much interest for my young audience. I didn’t do every year and pretty much stuck with the stuff I thought would be the most interesting and some of my favorites. I tried to use video from the movie since that’s what we are talking about but not all had great sound quality or were available. I stuck in a few that were nominee’s but didn’t win because we’ve either heard them a million times or I thought they would have been a better choice and not picked because they were from the more popular movie. I stopped at around the mid 80’s because the category started to become all about Disney songs and whatever Randy Newman was pumping out year after year. Sorry, not really a fan of either so to me that’s really when the best stuff ended. There’s been some good scores lately but as far as best original song? It’s a virtual cheese factory year after year. This year there seems to only be 2 original songs up for an award and one is from the muppet movie. ?? yeah, well thankfully I only watch to see the pretty dresses and shiny jewelry.

See you on the red carpet on Sunday folks (and by red carpet i mean my red couch in front of the TV)!

Jonny Greenwood

1985 (58th) Best Original Song Nominee “Miss Celie’s Blues (Sister)” • The Color Purple • Music: Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton • Lyrics: Quincy Jones and Lionel RichieThe winner that year was “Say You, Say Me” -White Nights, music and lyrics Lionel Richie

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The Color Purple 1985 (Tata Vega – Miss Celie’s…, posted with vodpod

Another Nominee but so good had to post this one instead of the winner “Flashdance”. 1983 (56th) “Over You” — Tender Mercies • Music and lyrics: Austin Roberts and Bobby Hart


February 25, 2012

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Out here on my own! – Irene Cara – Fama, posted with vodpod

1982 (55th) Oscar winning best original song “Up Where We Belong” — An Officer and a Gentleman • Music: Jack Nitzsche and Buffy Sainte-Marie • Lyrics: Will Jennings

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Up Where We Belong, An Officer & a Gentleman, posted with vodpod

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1976 (49th) Oscar-winning original song “Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born)” — A Star Is Born • Music: Barbra Streisand • Lyrics: Paul Williams.

trivia: Streisand originally asked Elvis to play the part of John Norman Howard. His manager, Col. Tom Parker refused to let him do it.

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A star is born – Evergreen, posted with vodpod

1975 (48th) Oscar winning original song “I’m Easy” — Nashville • Music and lyrics: Keith Carradine

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“I’m Easy” for the movie ‘Nashville’, posted with vodpod

1973 (46th) Oscar-winning original song “The Way We Were” — The Way We Were • Music: Marvin Hamlisch • Lyrics: Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman. I chose this performance instead of something from the movie because i want the caftan. that’s all.

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Barbra Streisand – The Way We Were (1975), posted with vodpod

1972 (45th) Oscar winning original song “The Morning After” — The Poseidon Adventure • Music and lyrics: Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn

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Maureen Mcgovern – “The Morning After” from the…, posted with vodpod

1969 Oscar winner for original song “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” Music by Burt Bacharach…BJ Thomas

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The Bicycle Scene from Butch Cassidy and the Su…, posted with vodpod
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