Open Letter to Jared Followill

March 30, 2009

Dear Jared:

I don’t usually like to post random pictures on my blog. I would like to try to keep this blog filled with interesting stories or pictures with humorous captions much like the one with Nathan’s guns, and that pic of you and Matt which was so damn cute. So as I was saying, unrelated pictures to a specific topic won’t be found in here…..

until I saw THIS!!!!




What the hell are you trying to do to me? I have resisted for years due to the fact I am old enough to be your very very very young Aunt but now you’ve just gone too far! Seriously baby Followill you need to wear that EVERY DAY or not wear that as the case may be!

Listen, we are in a recession and you need to do your little part to help out with the nations economic struggle. How you ask?

1. By bringing joy to the lives of the poor struggling ladies of the world, no matter how young (within legal limits) or how old (seriously, my mother saw this and her exact words were “WHOA!”) via bejeweled bare chested vest wearing pictures such as this.

2. Starting the shirtless  trend which no doubt J2mff wannabe’s will be copying the look thus saving cash on shirt purchases.

3. And last but not least the market will be flooded with gold necklace purchases which will then flood cash into the economy driving down the cost of precious metal in turn driving up stocks which will then stabilize the economy and all will be well with the world.

See Jacob? That’s all you need to do. You’re like a HOT Alan Greenspan. Fate is in your hands my friend.

hugs and kisses, baby!


is the contest over? I have a last minute entry!!!

I call it Ode to “J to the mother fuckin F”
(could also work as a vanity plate)


10 Responses to “Open Letter to Jared Followill”

  1. Liz Clarke Says:

    Lovin’ the design, lovin’ the sentiment – that t-shirt has a damn edgy personality just like the youngest Followill – WHERE CAN I VOTE!!!!!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Jeremy Jackson. He played Hobie Buchannon on Baywatch.

  3. Ok, I’m lost. You have quite an obscure sense of humor my friend, but i shall leave your comment up in case someone is ROFLOL.

    • Jennifer Says:

      Aww. I fail. 😦

      It’s just that every time I see that photo of Jared, Jeremy Jackson pops into my head. Mostly, because it looks like Jared would have in ten years if he had continued the hard drug usage, decided to tanned a lot, fry his hair with a flat iron, and got bad plastic surgery.

      Thank goodness Jared is head down the path of total hotness instead.

  4. Good save my friend. You’ve been redeemed. ; )

  5. Hey Deb, Oh man i could go on for days with these t-shirt ideas.
    It’s the graphic designer in me. I wouldn’t waste the time though if they took more then 5 minutes to do. Thanks for the Kudos

  6. OK I had to remove the pic of the baywatch dude, it was making me ill.

  7. I link’d who Alan Greenspan is for all the…ummmm…European readers who may not know who he is…yeah…the Europeans…thats why I did it.

  8. Deb Says:

    Jeeeeeez no shirt is the way forward

  9. Katia Says:

    does everyone see why he is my favourite now?

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